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  1. This is comical because 1) he never said this and 2) if he did, he was the 2nd best DC in the game today. Senatobia outcoached Columbia.
  2. Is Black coaching anywhere this year? Heard at one point he was an assistant somewhere.
  3. I saw Coach Earnest wasn’t coaching last night. Hopefully he’s healthy.
  4. Had never won a playoff game until this year, now they’re playing for the North half. What a year
  5. Well EBF, we’re waiting for a flood of pictures and a game summary of last night.
  6. Bassfield won 3 state titles before Mancuso, so to say they were historically great is inaccurate. I’m sure he’d love for you to come help him coach.
  7. Well if you use some people on here's way of thinking... Columbia beat Sumrall 40-0 and Sumrall beat Newton County 42-35, so Columbia by 47.
  8. Maybe it's a football factory because of him?
  9. NEL is about to be on coach #5 in 6 years, so that's a good issue to start with.
  10. https://www.wcbi.com/kemper-county-head-football-coach-charged-with-sexual-battery/ I would say Kemper County will be open.
  11. Morton wants to take the next step, but they just won't. Raleigh by 3 TDs.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, they put an end to Newton County's perfect season last year. I can't remember if Newton County had 1 loss or was undefeated. Either way, that'll be a good rematch.
  13. South Panola, Amory, and West Lauderdale are all 1 seeds. Clarksdale is too, but could see the argument over that being an upset. So of the 5 games you listed, 3 of those aren’t even upsets.
  14. Think Seminary has played a much tougher schedule and that may be the difference.
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