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  1. Madison Central and Brandon always seem be a two of the top programs. Congrats on a great season for these two top teams and everyone else who made a run at the Trophy this year! Until next year!
  2. Great game by both teams! The more experienced team won for sure. When a defense plays no safety and man-to-man all night they are daring you to go deep and loading the box against the run. First half was exciting but 2nd half the better adjustments and/or most athletic overall team prevailed. OS decided after a couple, almost int's because of blanket coverage, that they couldn't beat the OG db's deep and I'm sure they were correct. Bogus holding call highlighted on the WXXV local news station called back an OS td. That could've made a difference by allowing OS to take a two TD lead into the half but other factors such as 3 turnovers for no points and not being able to get 1yd deep in OG territory in the 4th quarter were the more determining factors in my opinion. Both teams played a tough game all night and it was exciting to watch in person. OS returns a strong junior class next season so they should be able to use this as a learning experience. Great season for the Hounds and good luck to OG the rest of the way.
  3. I've watched a few OG games and I've seen all of OS games. I think the two teams are very similar. I keep waiting for OS to have to play their starters all 4 quarters but really they haven't been tested late in a game other than the first game of the season against Clinton. No one has slowed this offense down yet but if anyone knows how to slow down a good offense, it may by OG who sees one everyday in practice. OG will be the best team OS has faced no doubt but I can't go against OS at home. I agree with the people above who've said the last team with the ball may win! I'll take OS at home in a shoot out!
  4. I hope you're right on the d'ville and OS games. I think Gulfport and HC could be over at halftime but I hope I'm wrong! Obviously OS should be able to outscore a run heavy Pearl but like Picayune and d'ville do to most of their opponents with that ball control, they limit their possessions which can make the game close in the 4th quarter sometimes. I'm ignoring the fact that GPT beat Pearl early in the season because we all know that the playoffs is another animal! I feel like OS will need to finally play four full quarters to get the win but it's always interesting to see how a "strong" coast team matches up against a 4th seed from Region 3. WC has only 3 losses, two of which are to Brandon, OG which is understandable. I'll chalk the confusing loss to a 2 win NWR to a bad night or a good night for NWR? I don't think WC is coming to the coast thinking they're an underdog! This is definitely the type of team that can give d'ville problems with a little more balanced offense but I will go with my Warriors at home as well! Good luck to all of the coast teams and safe travels to everyone traveling! Go Warriors!
  5. Totally understand the lack of love for the Warriors, especially from those outside of d'ville. Warriors will need to play error free football against a good Warren Central team that has improved every week. I think d'ville can compete with anyone if they don't turn the ball over. OS may actually have to play 4 quarters this week to keep from being upset by Pearl but I see them being the one and only favorite this week from the coast. Hope we can make a game of it and have a chance to win in the 4th quarter! Safe travels to all of the teams on the road! Good luck to the Coast teams this Friday night! Go Warriors!
  6. I was there also.I agree d'ville wasn't very impressive in that game at times. However, that sort of what they do. Possess the ball the whole game and then end up wearing other teams down. Goula did put up more of a fight than Gulfport or Harrison Central though. They whole place d'ville side, fans and players seemed very down that game after that loss the week before to OS but no excuses. Goula RB was a beast and probably should've been used more IMO. I guess from my prospective, since Goula never possessed the ball with a chance to take the lead the entire game I never felt the game was in doubt. They did have a chance to tie in the 3rd by going for 2 point conversion but was stopped. Yes, IF Goula had recovered their onside kick with 1min left in the game it would've been interesting at the end. It was a good game and Goula definitely has a better team than their record shows for sure.
  7. IF both OS and d'ville squeak out wins in first round, I believe it would most likely be OS vs Oak Grove and d'ville vs Brandon in 2nd round assuming those two team win in first round. Not sure where they would be played this year. Lets just hope we're talking about this in two weeks!
  8. d'ville lost a horrible game against OS. I will say OS would probably beat the Warriors 9 of 10 times honesty but that game was a nightmare from the start. The games against Gulfport, Harrison Central and Goula were never in doubt. Warriors controlled all of those games from the start. They have lost 2 games in 2 seasons. One to a very good NWR team last year and the other to one of the best, if not the best, team in the state in OS this year. They have a chance against anyone if they don't beat themselves with penalties and turnovers. One dimensional yes, but so is Picayune and they do well with it. d'ville beat them this year by not making mistakes. Should make for some good games in the playoffs at least!
  9. I'm a d'ville guy by the way and I believe they would even beat that Meridian team by 3 TD'S by what I've seen on NFHS this season. There was a time when no one wanted to play in Ray stadium, but it had to do with football, now its for other reasons...Feel free to dismiss that if you want but eventually schools will have to make some decisions for the safety of their players and fans. NFHS shows your own players sprinting to the locker room, scared in their own stadium, and we're supposed to believe it's safe for visitors? As far as OS, they will have to prove they can play against the big boys consistently for sure but Clinton is a good team and they played some of the best teams in the state. Those 4 losses you speak of were to OS, Brandon, Starkville and Madison Central and they beat Oxford. OS scored 45 on Clinton, just like they've done to everyone else but mostly only due to playing B-team late in games. Otherwise they would've scored 50+ in most games BUT that's why they play the games. Good luck against WC.
  10. Dude your stadium had to be emptied out and teams rushed to the locker room. I have family in Meridian and on the MPD so deny all you want. If you don't see it, then you and those oblivious like you, are part of the problem. Good luck! I'd definitely pic the top 4 coast team over the Wildcats without the beast of a running back.
  11. I saw where game was delayed on NFHS but didn't hear what happened? If what you say is true, I'd suggest that as well if I were a Warren Central parent/coach/AD. It's not like it's been the best of venues for visiting fans for a long time anyway. I know Meridian's stud player is out with an injury but I wouldn't mind seeing that Meridian team travel to the Coast. I'd pick all four coast teams over the Cats much less OS. Warren Central looks more of a complete team. It is what it is. Good luck to all of the teams going into the last week! Stay healthy and safe! Playoffs in two weeks! Let's goooo!!!!!
  12. I would say if all things are equal, as in it's not a financial difference and your kid's major is offered, I'd go with Vandy. I would never use "New Orleans being close" as a positive for my college kid. I'd purposely go with the school further away from New Orleans personally. Nashville is a safer and more friendly city for a college age kid. As someone in their mid 40's, New Orleans is NOT the same city I partied in my college days.
  13. Last season this game was for the District Championship, this season it looks like it will be to keep the 2nd place seed, even though there are plenty of things that can happen with OS facing Gulfport and Harrison Central the next two weeks as well . It's down to OS, d'ville, HC and Gulfport in Region 4...Warriors will need to play another good game against this Harrison Central team. Gulfport had no answer for the Warrior running game last week and I think they can do it against HC. I'll take the Warriors at home 28-14!
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