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  1. I think MSU takes 2 of 3 this weekend.
  2. The NCAA may be tempting the SEC and ACC to flip a finger and start a new league. Would the Big 12 and Big 10 follow suit?
  3. Arkansas is beatable, but VERY GOOD at taking advantage when others make mistakes. Ole Miss walked 17 batters today and HP 2 more batters, that's 19 "free baserunners" to Arkansas. Ole Miss also committed 2 errors (I've been harping on these errors this season, could be the difference between a really good or really great season). I'm surprised the score today was 18-14 and not 18-4. The scoreboard is all that matters- Arkansas won the series and Ole Miss lost. I do like the grit and no quit in this Ole Miss team. The SEC is just so strong this year,
  4. Arkansas takes the series 18-14 today. Arkansas now has a tie-breaker over both OM and MSU. OM travels to MSU next weekend for a battle to stay in second place in the West.
  5. Ole Miss picked up game 2 tonight. Agreed, the winner of this series is likely the new #1... we'll see. I'm with you on MSU, I kept saying they're very well in the hunt... very strong team. This is a big part of why I'm high on Arkansas, sweeping in Starkville was a STONG move for them. If Arkansas adds in a series win at Oxford, I don't see any debate they're #1. IF Ole Miss wins tomorrow, last weekend's series loss is fresh in the polls which may keep Ole Miss from being #1 and I wouldn't try to argue for or against it.
  6. UGA took game 3 today at Vandy to win the series 2-1. MSU took game two at Auburn to win the series, a chance for a sweep tomorrow. Arkansas took game 1 at Ole Miss today, game two underway now with Ole Miss leading in the 7th with Arkansas looking to mount another comeback. Arkansas will unseat Vandy at #1 with this road series win if they win tonight or tomorrow.
  7. Vandy picks up game two over UGA 5-2. Bama won on the road at A&M. It's still early, but there is separation in the West between Arkansas/OM/MSU and the rest in the standings.
  8. MSU picks up game one at Auburn 6-5. Impressive win, Auburn's record may be bad but they're no easy win by any means.
  9. #12 Florida lost at #6 Tennessee in game one, nothing surprising there. LSU won 15-2 at Kentucky in game one. Most of us has felt LSU is better than their record and Kentucky is worse than their record.
  10. ARK/OM moved to tomorrow, double header starting at 1.
  11. I figure it was a fluky game, but you do bring up a great point on Rocker and Leiter. UGA leading 1-0 early tonight. MSU/Auburn are in the 6th with MSU up 4-2, no weather issues there. ARK/OM was moved back to 8pm. We'll see if that one gets played or not. Weather is getting rough in NEMS.
  12. LOL! Hey, I'm certainly old but not THAT old.
  13. ^ Hopefully has a Vette for sell at the right price so I can add to my collection. **
  14. UGA won 14-2 @ Vandy tonight. Vandy is sure safe to take some unexpected losses so no big deal, but surprising.
  15. Could be, it depends on who you ask around Itawamba. The story I was told by multiple folks: ICC would charge IAHS a "grounds maintenance fee", which was really no more than IAHS would be spending maintaining their own field once it was built. IAHS promised the coach when he was hired that they would have their own stadium if he agreed to take the job. (I forget the coach for sure, Mitchell if I recall correctly... he left IAHS not long after the stadium was built for another (bigger) job). It boiled down to a pride thing for the coach and the HS to have their own field and
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