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  1. I hope you're correct about OM vs A&M but will add: A&M is currently tied for second in the SEC at 17-10, OM is 13-14. OM is #37 in RPI, A&M is #18. A&M whipped MSU while MSU won 2 of 3 in Oxford. Piggyback, OM hasn't been that good at home and is good on the road... OM hosts A&M this weekend. IF I had to bet on it, I'd bet on A&M taking 2 of 3. OM sweeping sounds like a nice longshot bet. USM is #19 in RPI. Pull off a sweep and they're right back in the host discussion, I agree on that.
  2. Ole Miss cancelled the game at Arkansas State tomorrow, which I was glad to see. I don't understand why that game was scheduled in the first place since it's a short week with all teams having a Thursday-Saturday series this coming weekend. Also, the SECT starts Tuesday with short rest again. On top of that, even IF Ole Miss won tomorrow night they'd drop in the RPI due to Arkansas State being so bad this season.
  3. It was kind of there before UT came to Oxford and beyotch slapped Ole Miss. That series seemed to put Ole Miss into a slump up until after MSU whipped Ole Miss in Oxford. Since the MSU visit, Ole Miss has won 9 of 11 SEC games... getting hot at the right time I hope.
  4. After the A&M sweep of MSU, A&M and Arkansas are tied for the #2 seed in the SECT. OM needs to, at least, win 1 next weekend and would be a NCAAT lock with a series win. A&M would likely lock down a host spot with a series win next weekend. Should be a good series in Oxford starting Thursday.
  5. Ole Miss sweeps LSU in Baton Rouge for the first time in history.
  6. Kentucky and MSU are both 0-2 this weekend while Missouri is 1-1 so far. I wouldn't bet on it, but it could end up with KY/MSU both out of the SECT and Mizzou gets in. UT won the SEC regular season yesterday and has little to play for right now. Even if UT loses out, they're a NS lock. Will UT yank pitchers early next weekend to let them rest? MSU may well have a better than normal chance next weekend?
  7. Yep 83, most everyone (raises hand also) felt MSU was headed in the right direction while Ole Miss was all but done after that MSU series win in Oxford. On Bianco, just a guess on my part: 75% chance he's gone if no NCAAT. 25% chance he's gone if wins a regional. 0% chance he's gone if Ole Miss goes to Omaha. Who knows, Bianco burned a ton of good will when he chased the LSU job last year. Had he not done that, I'd say 0% chance he's gone for just making the NCAAT.
  8. Ole Miss picks up the first 2 at LSU, another nice road series win. This puts OM at 12-14 in SEC play. 1 more win in the last 4 will lock OM into the SEC tourney, 2 more will likely lock OM into the NCAAT. OM has really struggled at home, so getting swept by A&M next weekend should surprise nobody...
  9. Ole Miss beat USM 4-1 tonight to keep some hope alive.
  10. Midweek games typically don't mean much, tomorrow's game between OM and USM have more on the line than usual. USM is currently on the right side of being a host, but can fall out of that spot with a few losses. Not a bad spot to be in at all, USM can help solidify a host spot with a win. OM is currently fighting an uphill battle to make the NCAAT. A win at USM would sure help the RPI and decisions on tourney selections. The "magic number" is typically 14 SEC wins to get an NCAAT bid, which means MSU probably needs to win 5 of 6 from @ A&M and hosting Tennessee. Ouch, that's a huge hill to climb. Ole Miss's chances aren't great also, needing 4 of 6 from @ LSU and hosting A&M.
  11. RPI is the big indicator of who gets in, who hosts, and who is a NS. I googled RPI and came across Warren Nolen's RPI which seems to be respected. USM is #15. Still in a host spot but well out of NS spot. OM is #56. Borderline tourney team I suppose by RPI, I'm surprised this high. A lot of work to do still the last 2 weeks. MSU is @102. MSU and OM are pretty even with records with a slight edge to OM while MSU holds the H2H record (technically 2-2 but MSU took 2 of 3 in Oxford while OM won the 4th game in Pearl)... I would have guessed both about the same. Maybe all 3 teams can find themselves in the NCAAT, I'd only bet on USM right now. I wouldn't put much money on USM since they're stinking it up the past 2 weeks also.
  12. Mizzou is most likely the worst team in the SEC, but still... OM picking up a sweep was surprising. Considering it was Mizzou, I'm far from ready to think OM has finally figured things out. Florida is a solid team, but I sure didn't see them sweeping in Starkville. OM took a step forward for an outside shot for postseason, MSU took a step back. Huge hill ahead for both, slightly bigger hill for MSU but huge hill for both. Southern Miss made it up to #4 a couple of weeks ago and has now lost 2 weekend series in a row. USM is still in good shape for a host seed IF they win the next two weekends, but the NS talk is a huge hill for them now. Still the premier team of the three.
  13. MSU and OM are so much alike in baseball this year. Every time they get our hopes up the bed crapping follows. We're both 9-14 in the SEC now, I expected better from both teams.
  14. Too little too late for OM also, but picked up a series win 8-1 over Mizzou tonight. After burning 4 arms last night, 2 arms picked up this win. We'll see if OM can get a sweep tomorrow to get barely back in the mix.
  15. Probably too little too late, but KY took 2 of 3 vs UT this weekend... first series loss for UT.
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