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  1. Ole Miss #9 and MSU #23 in both polls today.
  2. Georgia with the STRUGGLE WIN! 26-22 over Mizzou.
  3. LSU @ Auburn was certainly something. Auburn jumped out 17-0. LSU stormed back to lead 21-17. The 4th Qtr was two teams turning it over trying to give it away... LSU survived 21-17. I don't bet on sports, but if I did... Auburn firing their coach tomorrow seems like a safe bet.
  4. It's only the second quarter, but Auburn is pushing LSU around early... 17-0. Mizzou leads UGA 3-0 in the 2nd quarter, LULZWUT?
  5. MSU took care of business in the second half. 42-24 final. Arkansas battled Bama hard for 3 quarters, but all Bama in the 4th quarter. 49-26 final.
  6. Yep Satch. 1st quarter was just hard to watch for both teams. MSU owned the 2nd quarter. Unless A&M comes out of the half better, MSU will blow them out. IF MSU wins by 10 or more, I suspect they'll break in the top 25 tomorrow with spots opening. #15, #18, and #21 already lost. A&M is #17, they'd drop out and it'd make sense to put MSU in. #22 is playing #23, so one of those will lose.
  7. Same. Both are good teams, and most likely top 20 at the end of the season... MAYBE top 15 at the end of the season. OM will most likely get a top 10 ranking tomorrow, but I'm not buying they will end up top 10. Then again, I can say the same for every top 25 team not named Bama, Ohio State, or Georgia right now.
  8. Defense bailed out Ole Miss today. 5-0, I'll take it.
  9. LULZWUT? If it's really a "killer sold out rock show", why is there a need to give away tickets?
  10. Should be some good close games to watch this weekend. I very slightly lean OM beats KY, but realize that may be picking with my heart and not my head. I'm surprised the line is 1 or 2 points in either direction. I'm very hesitant to pick MSU over A&M but will because MSU hosts (same reason I'm picking OM). LSU/Auburn- who the heck knows? I guess I'll stick with "picking the home team" like the above two games... Auburn pulls it out. MAYBE?? ^I wouldn't bet on any of these three games. Bama/Arkansas- Bama seems to have 1 bad game early(ish) in the season taking a scare and sometimes a loss. Nick Saban has a mini orgasm when this happens due to it allows him a chance to get his team refocused. I see the Tide rolling through the regular season after the Texas 'scare'. No idea if they cover the spread, but I figure they go 12-0. NC State @ Clemson, I'll stay with the home team to pick in my head. I kind of like this as an upset special bet for NC State though. Other games of interest: #22 Wake Forest @ #23 Florida State. I lean Wake Forest pulls the upset (FSU favored by 6.5) #9 Oklahoma State @ #16 Baylor. Baylor is favored by 2.5, that line looks about right.
  11. I was at that 2010 Kentucky/OM game in Oxford, WOOF what a game. OM won, but Kentucky would have won had a few more minutes been left in the game. Entering this game, I felt the Nutt experiment was about to be over... I knew it leaving this game.
  12. Captain Obvious, have to win next week to get there. Still, getting into the top 10 around mid season is one thing... finishing in the top 10 is a huge thing.
  13. #6 Chokelahoma got their annual choke job in early this season. Kansas State won 41-34.
  14. That's true also, OM dominated the second quarter. Thankfully that was enough to cover the other 3 quarters today.
  15. Not at all. HOPEFULLY this team read too much about themselves (RAT POISON!) and work much harder this week to be better prepared for next weekend. If OM plays next Saturday like today, Kentucky wins.
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