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  1. I agree, Moorhead will do well at Akron and good for him. I also hope Leach and Kiffin are at their current jobs for another 10 years. I highly doubt it works out that way, but I'd like to see it.
  2. Michigan won 42-3. I think we all agree the top 4 shakes out in the playoffs: Michigan/UGA Bama/Cincy The rest of the top 10? I'm guessing: 5. Notre Dame 6. Bayloritts 7. Ohio State 8. Oklahoma State 9. Ole Miss 10. ?? Michigan State is my best guess but I see Utah making a nice jump in the next poll and may actually get the 10th spot. Pittsburgh will also get a strong look at the #10 spot after blowing out Wake.
  3. Michigan is up 35-3 in the 4th quarter on Iowa. I think it's safe to say the top 4 is locked in now.
  4. I lean Notre Dame/Michigan State in the Fiesta and ACC Champ/Oklahoma State in the Peach. All 3 of those bids (other than the ACC champ in the Peach) are "At large" and we agree on which 4. Whichever way it falls, should be a lot of great matchups other than the Peach. No offense to the ACC Champ, but I don't see them in the same conversation as the rest of these teams. Utah is my favorite "this team will win" of the bunch. 2 early season losses but dang they're playing very well now. Pitt is blowing out Wake 45-21. Looks like Pitt to the Peach is a lock.
  5. We all agree these will likely be the matchups. Who knows which will be #1, but does it really matter?
  6. I see no chance of UGA dropping out. IF ND had joined a conference and won the conference championship today to go 12-1... then maybe UGA drops out.
  7. I figure it's closer to $9 million. IF Ole Miss extended Lane for $7 million, they got a steal. I know that sounds crazy- but compared to other coaches' contracts... it's a steal.
  8. IF Michigan wins, I lean: Bama Michigan UGA Cincy Whichever way, I almost guarantee it will work out where Bama/UGA aren't in the 2 AND 3 spots. Yours may be correct.
  9. Yep, Ole Miss /Baylor in the Sugar. 3 of the top 4 are taken now... Bama/UGA/Cincy. Michigan will lock down the other top 4 IF they win tonight. IF Michigan loses, I'm betting on Notre Dame getting in the playoffs.
  10. Cincinnati beat Houston 35-20. They're definitely in the top 4 now.
  11. Baylor/OSU was a great game. Bama has been all over UGA today. UGA woke up a bit ago to get it 38-24. It's likely too little too late, but there's still almost 10 minutes left. Young has been eating up that UGA D today.
  12. Possibly both of these teams are looking for a new coach after this weekend? Utah just owned Oregon tonight. The CUSA championship ended up being a good one. UTSA won 49-41 while WKU put up a heckuva fight in the second half.
  13. Utah jumping on Oregon early to get a Rose Bowl bid. 14-0 in the second quarter.
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