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  1. they did 10 plays both teams mix and out Senatobia 7-0 that all both teams did compete both sides of the ball
  2. we all gonna see this up coming season is Tupelo gonna be for real or not with all of that talent players they got we seen what happen last year we see this up coming season time will tell
  3. that QB should be really good this year
  4. they didn't have too many SR last year they had 12 this year it more than 12, idk he got any new assistant coaches yet he might have, this year they suppose to be much better than last year so we will see also they got a lot of playmaker on their team we will all see what will happen this year it is some high expectations for Shannon this year.
  5. Shannon have a lot of players back from last year team
  6. Tupelo West Point playing tomorrow at 5:30 at Tupelo
  7. Shannon playing Senatobia Friday at Shannon
  8. I haven't heard nothing yet on Tish I pretty sure they still searching for a new coach
  9. Hatley hired Nettleton DC as their head coach
  10. Okolona coach leaving he took East Union job East Union football twitter page post it, now Okolona job is open
  11. Shannon gonna be much lot better this year they got a lot of SR class and a good QB don't sleep on Shannon
  12. he show did say that and said his team probably want do good in 5A with West Point, Lafayette
  13. I seen that in the Tupelo Daily Journal Sports Newpapers
  14. yea Shannon got a lot of players to watch out for next season special the QB he be a SR
  15. wait till next season you see they will be good you gonna see they gonna shock you
  16. ok I will keep my eye on them next season 4A will be wide open keep a eye on Shannon
  17. I know they QB coming back and RB that Smith player they lossing some good players this pass season they might not want score a whole lot of pts next year like they were last year
  18. naw Shannon will win their region next year
  19. Columbia want win 4A next year 4A South might be weak next year 4A North gonna be weak next year it wide open in 4A next year
  20. not next year they will be good for real they gonna be really good watch and see next season is a big season for Shannon
  21. yea Shannon gonna be strong and better next year they was little young, down this year next year gonna be lot better, lot of good talent players coming back start with the QB he be a SR
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