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  1. I very agree on that 3A North, 4A North was kinda down this year next year 4A North gonna be wide open
  2. Saltillo football coach have retired that job is open
  3. Amory Jeff Davis should be a good 3A state Championship game next Friday
  4. WP Picayune will be a good game in the Championship next Saturday
  5. Caledonia will lose to Senatobia, Senatobia will stop that flex bone opt
  6. Starkville Oak Grove Picayune Senatobia Poplarville Amory Jefferson Davis County Charleston Scott Central TCPS West Lowndes
  7. gotta like the trash talking on this matchup lol good luck to both teams on Friday we see who get the last laugh
  8. maybe that 20-6 I know Amory did beat Aberdeen back in the season 28-0 so it might be a low score game like that Aberdeen, North Panola game was
  9. it been Caledonia year that the way it go in sports the season teams have breakout season it their year
  10. Caledonia really surprised a whole lot of people now I was wrong couple weeks ago they surprised Itawamba in that game and that Shannon game, that Corinth game so Itawamba wasn't the team to beat in Reg 1 this year it was Caledonia, Senatobia nobody didn't expect to beat West Lauderdale last week and now Itawamba that why you play the game next week will come down to who wants it more than the other team do and whoever limit their mistakes gonna win the game it might be a chess match game control the clock
  11. let us know if they gonna have the game on NFHS
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