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  1. This information is for the State Championship....................... There seems to be some bad luck with 4A south teams against 4A north. The last 4A south to win it was Forrest County AHS back in 2013 and 4A south has only won two of them since 2006. Interesting. It changes this year. Columbia wins by 14 or more.
  2. Louisville @ Caledonia.. not at Louisville..
  3. They are well coached. I agree...... But we can score in a matter of minutes... Does anyone know how you can stream this game???
  4. I say IAHS in a close one also IAHS - 32 SHS - 29
  5. Rematch of last year's first round playoffs. Caledonia gave Louisville a heck of a game. This time, it will be even better!!! Louisville - 28 Caledonia - 14
  7. I think you are right IRON... It should be a good one! A lot better than that 52-0 drumming we gave them a few years ago.... Ha ha
  8. I'm not going to lie... I will be mad for a while! I don't like to loose.... we never did a lot of it at Louisville when I was there. Not much has changed over the past 25 years.
  9. English would be good. I'm having a little trouble following some of you guys. Ha. GO CATS!!! THOSE LOUISVILLE WILDCATS!
  10. Our defense has to reduce the number of penalties!! We can't beat a good team with 10 off sides and 4 or 5 PI calls! That's what happened in game at WL!! TOO MANY DUMB MISTAKES!
  11. That's a very statement. I think they are very evenly matched, but having to play at Clarksdale may be the difference. Louisville brings the win home!!! Lets go Cats!!!
  12. I don't feel all warm and fuzzy about the game, but I do bleed Cardinal and White, so I've got to stick to that score and the result!! LETS GO CATS!!!
  13. Oxford vs South Panola Ocean Springs vs Pearl Warren Central vs D'Iberville Louisville vs Clarkdale Caledonia vs Pontotoc Mendenhall vs McComb Velma Jackson vs Kemper Co Enterprise vs Magee Jefferson Davis Co vs Hazelhurst Pisgah vs Newton
  14. My Cats are headed west to see those other wildcats. This is going to be one heck of a game!!!!! Louisville 28 Clarksdale 20
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