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  1. Hattiesburg usually wears atrocious combos, particularly the anthracite gray. Stick with your damn colors which are somewhat unique and ditch the 'H' logo which was ripped off from Hoover. Not all script fonts look badly on helmets. Meridian doesn't have another logo to my knowledge and it works tastefully with only two colors. I agree concerning Pearl -- they have so many options with the pirate motif. I'd be nice if Clinton and Biloxi would distinguish their identities further but it's not as though they're playing in the same region. Gulfport, which could take their look in a multitude of directions, continues to opt for the lazy aping of Green Bay's 'G' logo. Glad to see Picayune add logo to their helmet and break from the maroon Alabama helmet. Speaking of 'P' logos, Pascagoula has maybe the most atrocious single letter logo in the state with that whimsical, cartoonish garbage they're so proud of.
  2. Our educational system is in a world of hurt and you're going to see a mass exodus of teachers in the coming years. I have a close friend who teaches at St. Martin. He has a few years until retirement and adored his work for many years but he's completely burned out and frustrated with the administration and their capitulation to the parents/students and is leaving the district for another educational job outside the classroom next year. His is the story of many.
  3. A few South Panola teams in this discussion so their fans can weigh in. I'm a Pascagoula graduate so, yes, our 1987 team is in the discussion. Shane Matthews and Terrell Buckley both finished in the top ten in Heisman balloting in 1991. Shane also won SEC Player of the Year '90 and '91. Buckley won the Thorpe Award in '91. Center Frank Godfrey started multiple years at LSU, DL Keith Joseph played at MSU, LB Rickey Alexander played at LSU, DB Carl Tart played at Jackson State, RB Donald Moffett had a great career at the University of Houston, and Kez McCorvey was an All-America at FSU. John Grant, who played tight end, may still hold the state record for receptions in a single season. I won't elaborate on the troubles of Eddie Flora but he may have been the most naturally gifted athlete on that team as a 6'4" defensive lineman who was coveted by many schools. The offense was a single back/run & shoot and averaged 28 points a game. The defense (when adjusted for points not scored against) surrendered 4.4 points per game and pitched 6 shutouts. In the playoffs, the Pascagoula defense allowed only two touchdowns, one being from inside the ten yard line following an interception at Warren Central. One more thing ... South 5A was absolutely stacked that year with Hattiesburg (Greg Plump), Warren Central (William Prince and Tony Smith), and Clinton (Tony James and Phillip Johnson) so running through that gauntlet was no small task.
  4. Pascagoula won't be a factor in a couple of years. The upcoming cupboard is BARE.
  5. Could be. But something tells me they punish Hancock.
  6. Hancock is so screwed in this crumble of the cookie.
  7. More and more, attention spans are shortening and there are simply so many other options to occupy a person's time for a few hours on a Friday night -- wherever one lives. We've crossed the threshold and there's no going back. Attendance began shrinking in more populated areas like the coast decades ago and the rural areas are beginning to experience the downside of being so connected to technology. Watch a video of a concert these days and you'll see a bunch of fools looking at or recording with their phones instead of allowing themselves the escape of the live music for a couple of hours.
  8. Objectively stating, he's had a number of stops along the way. No further pedantic criticism warranted. The bad hire label was attributed to the administration for selecting an aging coach with no interest in long term program building. Let's find something to agree on next time. For starters, assuming that's a Long Beach avatar, how to build a competitive program there. Thoughts?
  9. It wasn't. Objectively speaking, it was a critique of his professional tendency to job hop. I've heard heard he's a high character guy, very tough-nosed but high character.
  10. This is in no way an attack on Collins personally but he was a terrible/lazy/typical MS high school football hire. He's a vagrant at this point looking for the next double dipping opportunity and the administration knew he wasn't in any way a long term solution. I wonder if other states recycle coaches (in some cases, bad coaches) as much as Mississippi.
  11. Yes, they should hire him strictly because the kids love him and the community supports him (which judging by attendance at HC games is very little support). And people wonder why there is a preponderance of poor coaching in MS.
  12. Typical apathetic coast football move.
  13. Smith will be leaving soon enough. Maybe he should leave of his own volition.
  14. Eric is a fine man. Wish him success.
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