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  1. Agreed. Re-classifying every two years is imbecilic but par for the course given the leadership at the MISSHSAA.
  2. Long Beach and St. Martin have proven, unequivocally, they give zero damns about football. Pathetic.
  3. Archer

    St Martin HFC

    Kanode is lazy and simply manning a desk there, counting he days until retirement much like Greg Freeman was at Pascagoula. This is so typical and head-shaking.
  4. Gulfport has underachieved for over forty years because they’ve hired and retained mediocre head coaches. It’s that damn simple.
  5. Normally I'd agree that the right coach could elevate but not in this case. Long Beach is coaching career wrecker. And St. Martin doesn't remotely compare to it anymore. That's a growing community with a 6A school which has proven to produce next level skill and talent.
  6. Both. Essentially, it's a bedroom community of Gulfport.
  7. No offense but this is not the place to start a head coaching career.
  8. Archer

    Ms/Al Game

    Who coached the offense?
  9. That’s quite a nugget. And with that kind of distraction, I can’t foresee Laurel overcoming and beating a team of the quality of Picayune.
  10. Yeah, the OS 9th grade and middle school teams ran roughshod over the coast. They are trending upward and may have finally found the coach to maximize their advantages.
  11. Interesting Pennock didn’t speak to the radio crew. He was probably too busy beating up on himself after getting out-coached for most of the last three quarters. Oak Grove adjusted and OS never countered.
  12. The bottom line is this: the Oak Grove athleticism overcame the lopsided turnover margin — only way that happens. Those holding calls occurred because of the quickness of the Warrior defenders and the inability of the OS wideouts to square them up and block ‘em. Hubbard is a more than adequate thrower but the pass rush and blanket coverage didn’t allow him to execute. To the OS fans: you gotta crawl before you can walk sometimes. OG is the best program in 6A and have been playing at a high level for the better part of 20 years. Your team went toe to toe with them for 4 quarters last night but the better team won because they had more playmakers.
  13. LOL. Yeah, they don't move those tracks.
  14. It was rebuilt prior to last season and they modernized and enlarged (considerably so) the new home side and concessions area. It's very a nice overall high school stadium now.
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