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  1. I am interesting to see how McEvans will fare against Coahoma County today now that the team is back. 1-6 without the players who played football team and 8-2 with nearly their whole team back.
  2. A lot of folks blast teams and fans for schedules that are mostly premade a previous year and are flipped flopped the next year. Teams can only play who are in front of them. Second there are people wanting more of north/south matchups among teams or feel that one side doesnt play competition. What teams would you love to see in the regular season play that dont usually meet up? ( AND BE REALISTIC ABOUT SCHEDULING A TEAM WHO WILL BE TALENT DEPLETED OR NOT AS TALENTED AS THEY ARE THIS YEARFOR NEXT SEASON)
  3. What is bay spring offensive style of play? Simmons is all no huddle and kindve 70/30 or 60/40 run/pass to me.
  4. Who you got and by what margin? Bay Springs or Simmons
  5. We are down to the final four. Simmons and Bay Springs are expected to win but TCPS and West Lowndes got something to say about that. Will there be an upset? North: Simmons at Tupelo Christian South Bay Springs at West Lowndes
  6. Scores: McEvans 24 at Tupelo Christian 40 Biggersville 30 at Simmons 66 Taylorsville 21 at West Lowndes 36 Lumberton 0 at Bay Springs 44
  7. Hopefully Either Leflore or Simmons or both bring it back to the Delta and their hometowns
  8. I wonder what are kids’ mentality sometimes. I watched my hometown team literally shut down while having a lead and end up losing while the other team gain some momentum and our kids lack energy and interest.
  9. We are down to 8 teams now. We have a rematch in one of those games. Which game do you think will be the best game? Games: McEvans at Tupelo Christian Biggersville at Simmons Taylorsville at West Lowndes Lumberton at Bay Springs
  10. Scores: West Tallahatchie 0 at Tupelo Christian 45 Smithville 0 at McEvans 32 Okolona 0 at Simmons 66 South Delta 24 at Biggersville 28 Richton 6 at West Lowndes 40 French Camp 13 at Taylorsville 31 Ethel 0 at Bay Springs 48 Lumberton 46 at Sebastopol 39
  11. Scores Cleveland Central 3 at Vicksburg 25 Louisville 16 at Clarksdale 12 Northside 6 at Leflore County 12 OT Okolona 0 at Simmons 66 Smithville 0 at McEvans 32 South Delta 24 at Biggersville 28
  12. It is nice to see the area teams play in the postseason and advance. No problem rooting for them unless they are playing my school. Cleveland Central at Vicksburg Louisville at Clarksdale Northside at Leflore County Okolona at Simmons Smithville at McEvans South Delta at Biggersville. The Louisville-Clarksdale game and the Northside-Leflore County games are tough to pick. Both of those games can go either way. Two very good games. I would not consider a Leflore County win an upset. Leflore County really has been overlooked. They are balanced attack team. Congrats to O’ Bannon, Leland, MS Palmer, Coahoma County, Thomas Edward, Humphreys County, Rosa Fort, and Gentry (who almost pulled the upset).
  13. Everybody is now 0-0 in the record book. Who will make a serious move? Simmons versus Bay Springs is the anticipated state championship matchup by most people. Will anybody spoil that anticipated championship matchup? Which 1A teams has the best chance to pull the upset this week? Which road team can pull off a win on the road? Games: West Tallahatchie at Tupelo Christian Smithville at McEvans Okolona at Simmons South Delta at Biggersville Richton at West Lowndes French Camp at Taylorsville Ethel at Bay Springs Lumberton at Sebastopol
  14. They play at the same field at the old school.
  15. I basically threw that scenario because that is literally the problem to why Greenville and Western Line public schools isnt as competitive in football. The private schools there are getting the better athletes. Greenville St Joe been getting them. Greenville Christian start doing what Greenville St Joe been doing. They are both successful. In regards to Greenville and the other schools in that county outside if Simmons, the other schools in the area dont stand a chance because all the athletes are ending up at 1 or 2 private schools in Greenville. Riverside down the road covering southwest Washington County. Leland to the east covers northeast Washington County. O’ Bannon covers what’s outside Greenville city limits and northwest Washington County. Yet their top athletes are likely heading elsewhere.
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