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  1. Who are going to be the other competitive teams for the north and south besides Bay Springs and Simmons, who are seemingly the frontrunners currently? TCPS is ineligible for playoffs this year due to recruiting violations so there will be a new Region 1 champ this year. Wouldnt be surprise if they also consider joining the MAIS in the future. What are your thoughts about the TCPS violation and playoff ban?
  2. Some Delta Jamboree Scores North Sunflower- 27 West Bolivar-0 MS Palmer- 28 Riverside-14 Thomas E Edwards- 22 Coahoma Co- 8 Northside-22 South Delta-14 Amanda Elzy- 16 Leland-0 Simmons- 16 Humpreys Co- 6 Charleston-16 Rosa Fort-12 Leflore Co- 8 McEvans-6 Cleveland Central- 28 Greenwood- 6 West Tally- 30 Cleveland Central JV- 14
  3. Travel was what it was for sports and playoffs. A West Tallahatchie team out of Webb, MS had to travel to Pascagoula and play a Resurrection team, a Simmon team traveled to Lumberton, Richton traveled to Rosedale to play West Bolivar. In Basketball 3 Delta teams (Shaw, West Tally and Ray Brooks) made it to the quarterfinals and all had to traveled to Poplarville to play the quarterfinal games at PRCC. The next year a nanih Waiya and Stringer basketball teams had to travel to Shaw to play Mcevans (currently called). This year Mcevans has hit the road to play Sebastopol, Leake County, Bay Springs and Richton. Mount Olive has traveled to Webb to play West Tallahatchie, and West Bolivar traveled from Rosedale to Bay Springs.
  4. The Delta is already in the south in every other sports except football this year and next year. The regions 2 years ago were: North: Region 1- Ashland, Baldwyn (now 2A), Biggersville, Coldwater, Falkner, HW Byers, hickory Flat, Myrtle, Thrasher Region 2- French Camp, Hamilton, Nanih Waiya, (now 2A) Noxapater, Okolona, Smithville, Tupelo Christian, Vardaman, West Lowndes South: Region 3- Coffeeville, Ethel, Leflore County (now 2A), McAdams, Ray Brooks (now closed), Shaw (Now McEvans), Simmons, West Bolivar, West Tallahatchie Region 4- Leake County, Lumberton, Mount Olive, Resurrection, Richton, Sacred Heart (now 2A numbers but Independent) Salem, Sebastopol, Stringer (currently 2A) Even though the Delta is well north Mississippi, we were in the south for all sports as either region 3 in football or region 5 or 6 in every other sport.
  5. It may push Delta football back to the south half. Last time that happened, the 1-2 teams left out in the Northeast end up being paired with the central MS 1A schools to form the other north regions and sent us Delta schools south.
  6. Coaches and teams definitely will have their hands full trying to dethrone the Bay Springs team that nearly brings everything back. Sidenote: I, along with many in this community, would have really liked to have seen the core from our McEvans 2018 homegrown middle school squad stayed together to represent this year’s senior bunch. Would've been a tough bunch to beat but they are not together in Shaw now. Unfortunately some parents’ belief of corruption/unorganized school district and this WBCSD administration has convinced several parents to move those kids to other schools over the past 3 years for potential better opportunities. Maybe about half of the kids from that full core team remains in the Shaw area now. That affects every sport being a small school. They did cover a little of the missing ground with some of kids from Ray Brooks whom the parents chooses Shaw school site over West Bolivar school site. Despite last year team not having/discovering a qb and passing game until as the season went along, the team performed well and have much to build on for this year. To also have arguably the Delta’s top recruited athlete with multiple offers from every collegiate level this year, I really just hope for a good, productive, successful season and see where all the seniors decide to play at the next level.
  7. What are the expectations for this upcoming year? Will there be a Bay Springs-Simmons repeat or will there be someone else knocking on the door this year. There have been a few coaching changes among 1A teams. Simmons have invested in an indoor multi-use facility to help their kids practice and etc. Should this become more of a trend for other smaller schools?
  8. I think its pretty solid overall. I believe Biggersville, Bay Springs and HW Byers are the favorites. The Mcevans Warriors from my town Shaw to me are huge dark horses. Very misleading record. They had a lot of games scheduled during football season and went 1-6 or 1-7 while their entire a-team all played football (McEvans also have a good girls team and did not wanted to pushed games back and let them been played). They been 12 or 13-3 since the team finished football and went into a 28-28 start of 4th qt tie with 2A favorites Coahoma County before losing their composure and losing like 49-34 or something close. They going to be a very tough outing for somebody in the south half or state tourney. Off Subject: I suspect very good showings with these Delta teams in the playoffs: Simmons Girls, McEvans girls, McEvans Boys, West Tally boys, Northside Boys, Coahoma Boys, Gentry Boys, Clarksdale Boys.
  9. I am interesting to see how McEvans will fare against Coahoma County today now that the team is back. 1-6 without the players who played football team and 8-2 with nearly their whole team back.
  10. A lot of folks blast teams and fans for schedules that are mostly premade a previous year and are flipped flopped the next year. Teams can only play who are in front of them. Second there are people wanting more of north/south matchups among teams or feel that one side doesnt play competition. What teams would you love to see in the regular season play that dont usually meet up? ( AND BE REALISTIC ABOUT SCHEDULING A TEAM WHO WILL BE TALENT DEPLETED OR NOT AS TALENTED AS THEY ARE THIS YEARFOR NEXT SEASON)
  11. What is bay spring offensive style of play? Simmons is all no huddle and kindve 70/30 or 60/40 run/pass to me.
  12. Who you got and by what margin? Bay Springs or Simmons
  13. We are down to the final four. Simmons and Bay Springs are expected to win but TCPS and West Lowndes got something to say about that. Will there be an upset? North: Simmons at Tupelo Christian South Bay Springs at West Lowndes
  14. Scores: McEvans 24 at Tupelo Christian 40 Biggersville 30 at Simmons 66 Taylorsville 21 at West Lowndes 36 Lumberton 0 at Bay Springs 44
  15. Hopefully Either Leflore or Simmons or both bring it back to the Delta and their hometowns
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