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  1. Well we got our ass handed to us. Congrats to Picayune on the win
  2. As we know both teams are run heavy and this will be a heavyweight fight. As usual Picayune has that one back that carries the load in Dowdell and he is a workhorse. Davis is very good too but the offense is designed around Dowdell. West Point is bringing in their 3 headed monsters with Sr. Cam Young 165 carries 1344 yards 18 tds, Jr.. Keshawn Henley 94 carries 1042 yards 16 tds, & Soph. Kahnen Daniels 88 carries 988 yards 8 tds. This game comes down to the battle in the trenches. Not taking anything away from Picayune but I believe that Neshoba has the best front 7 I've seen in a long time. I look for WP to do what WP does and that's pull away in the 2nd half. Now as far as Chambless goes. It was rumored that 2018 was going to be his final season when his son graduated. I even heard that he told the team that he was retiring after the game but he's still here. We won't kno until it happens. If he does indeed retire I hope that he goes out with a bang winning his 8th state championship at WP. 7th as HC..
  3. This game isn't getting the hype that I thought it would. What are the Picayune fans thoughts on this game? That running y'all got is a stud.
  4. Good luck with that punching in the nose part. We have 3 backs that can run it down your throat and some receivers that will go get the ball.
  5. It isn't our fault that the play wasn't called dead cause it was clear he was down. It was the refs on the Neshoba side because the play happened over there. I saw a game affecting play in y'all favor in the 1st round that if were called correct we wouldn't be talking about Neshoba vs. WP. Refs have been suspect all season.
  6. But in all honesty the refs were overall terrible on both sides
  7. They tell you to play until the whistle blows for a reason. They had a player there to tackle him again.
  8. Yeah stick to your prediction. I'm sticking to mine by double digits. Good luck
  9. Very true! Ridgeland was supposed to be the team to beat in the region with everything they had returning this year.
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