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  1. Vancleave Spring Game at Pascagoula (05-13-22) vs. Pascagoula vs. Fairhope (AL)
  2. Quite the Curveball from what was expected - I spoke to players while working there at HCHS last fall and they were expecting the DC to be the next guy ... Now I wonder if the DC stays or not - I know he's a North MS native ...
  3. I work for HCSD This is the lead guy - he's been wanting this job for several years now and the whole school and team are behind him - we'll see
  4. I live in Jackson County and it's the same situation. St Martin / Vancleave / East Central are all JCSD Pascagoula / Gautier are PGSD Ocean Springs is Independent SD Moss Point is Independent SD Resurrection of course is different (private) but is run by Catholic Diocese of Biloxi Jackson County could have 2 school districts rather than 4.
  5. Thank You !! When I was MPHS soccer HC I received calls as soon as season was over for the next season and we had a schedule in place fairly quickly - it's not that difficult
  6. I grew up in Leake County with Coach Mooney First class human and he'll always be a winner in my book
  7. Say it a lil louder for those in the back People have no idea how easily these deals for games are made TKE
  8. TK_on_the_Coast


    HYPE is always the enemy of Competition and Urgency
  9. And Jeff had a long run at Newton County, correct ?? I played 6 years vs NCHS and coached 1 while at Carthage (Leake Central)
  10. I want to clarify that throughout my high school playing career , coaching career , and following as an observer, Coach Breland during his Newton County days was always a tough game. Very under-rated coach IMO - this is my nomination - did he finish his career at Lake ?? Do I remember that correct ?? I forget his first name, I know he had a relative that coached as well ?? Brother / Cousin / Uncle
  11. This definitely looks like Upper/Lower Power Rankings - IMO If there's not feedback from community it's by definition not a poll. TKE
  12. But to be more specific, I believe Breland from Newton County did an excellent job of changing the course of a game offensively. When I coached at Carthage High in 05 while I was completing my undergrad, he turned a 3-0 CHS lead at the half into a 33-3 NCHS win by running power - belly - and counter trey with much more efficency. It wasn't so much of an offensive change but that o line rose to the occasion that day and the defense did as well. It was a terrible feeling on that bus ride home losing a 3-0 first half lead and giving up a run of 22 on D
  13. This is more of a specific game but in 2013 in a Vancleave vs Stone matchup at AL May Stadium in Perk, Vancleave led by Jim Bloomfield and having Terron Crowley at QB jumped out to I believe a 9-7 lead at the Half. Stone, led by Coach Adam Stone - completely revamped their offense going to more of a mid to short range passing game while taking a few deep shots. Almost all of the passes connected while still running the ball when needed. It was still a low scoring game, with Stone winning 21-9, holding VHS scoreless in the 2nd half. That was the most specific game in particular that I recall a great game adjustment that worked efficiently and also had a defensive effort that allowed them to only need 14 second half points to win. TKE
  14. Is the distinction of those two being only schools on a multiplier because they board ??
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