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  1. yeah we didnt win yall gave it to us. you and jimmy mo rock. ty!
  2. met a friendly west point fan name Jimmy Mo before the game. told me repeatedly how picayune would not even score tonight. we were supposed to meet after the game and talk but he ran away. if any of you wp fans see him please tell him i am sorry i did not get to hear all his excuses.
  3. or we can credit our kids and coaches.
  4. no its not wp fault. but that official in the photo is looking right st him when his knee hits. to late for that game but he needs to man up and own his mistake - if he did not do that purposely.
  5. Was it loud enough for you guys in there last night?
  6. yeah i watched the game replay on youtube. not the best video but he looked down to me. refs should have blown a whistle. smart kid to keep running when they didnt though.
  7. Just want to say hats off to Laurel for playing us tough all night. Great game for sure.
  8. true. every team has some fans like that. and there are always a few fans from other teams acting that way too for some weird reason. i dont find it amusing but thats a matter of personal taste. people who actually watch the game know they are out in left field from the start. you cannot expect a first year head coach to get everything perfect out of the gate.
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