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  1. These are the 3 best sophomore RB's. Which do you guys feel is the best?
  2. That was a crazy ending to that OG-Brandon game. I don't agree with OG going for 2.
  3. I'll go with OG in this game and to win the state championship this season. Brandon and MC might be without their best players due to injuries,and Starkville is too young in my opinion.
  4. I'll go with OG in a barn burner. I think their championship experience and strength of schedule will be the difference.
  5. Hey Matt,the WC vs Meridian game will be played in Meridian at 7 pm Thursday. As far as OS goes,you guys are undefeated,but have only played 1 ranked team all season(Clinton). They're a 4 loss team that you guys beat by 1 point in double OT at home. I don't think OS has played the schedule to make it to Jackson. It woulldn't surprise me if you guys get put out in the 2nd round.
  6. Hey Matt,what do you mean when you say Meridian hasn't been a great venue for visiting fans? Also,I disagree with all 4 playoff teams from the Coast would beat Meridian. If Warren Central's fans or any other fans don't feel safe coming to Meridian then there is 100 percent way to feel safe....don't come. I find it laughable that the Meridian-WC game should be moved to WC.
  7. WC is 3-3 in district play,and Meridian is 2-4. WC is in the 4th seed right now,but the game Thursday in Meridian between the 2 will determine who goes to the playoffs if I'm not mistaken. Meridian lost to 1-6 Terry last night,and hasn't looked the same on offense since their best player,ATH Daniel Hill,broke his leg in the 1st quarter against Petal last week. WC has played great defense the last couple of weeks,and they're trending upwards.
  8. He was my high school coach,and he was a good coach. He won 2 state championships at Meridian,and was a lock to win 9 10 games every season. While he was at Meridian players went to Power 5 schools left and right,and had Meridian as a nationally ranked team a lot of seasons.
  9. mout25

    Region 3 and 4 6a

    I know this is a high school board,but do any Ocean Springs posters have any comments on one of your fellow alums? Well I guess she is at a football game haha.
  10. mout25

    Region 3 and 4 6a

    It’s going to be a wild 3 weeks for seeding in Region 3. WC upsetting Pearl threw a monkey wrench into the playoff mix. Terry might be able to play spoiler as well.
  11. mout25

    Region 3 and 4 6a

    I still think OG is the team to beat in 6A South. I saw OG go toe-to-toe with the #1 team in the state. OS is impressive,but they haven’t had as tough a schedule as OG. They went to OT with a Clinton team that has a couple of losses.
  12. mout25

    Region 3 and 4 6a

    OGwarrior I was thinking Meridian would be the 4th seed,but I watched Brandon vs Petal. Meridian has a chance to go to Brandon and win tomorrow. I think this game is for the 3 seed.
  13. WL has a very good OL and RB. They ran it between the tackles repeatedly and wore Meridian down. The key to stopping their offense is having some LB's willing to fill gaps 40 times.
  14. I’m not making any excuses for Meridian losing to WL. Meridian played at WL,and had a penalty on every kickoff return.
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