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  1. I got my eyes sought on Laurel. I give Ryan Earnest a lot of flack that he won’t get much done without the kids to do it, this year he has the kids to do it and they WILL light up the scoreboard.
  2. What exactly do you mean by downslide?
  3. You may very well be right. After all, this is the same team from last year. The same team that got beat 50-0 by Laurel. Or is it?
  4. I’ve heard a thing or two also. But I wouldn’t be surprised. So I’m not exactly 100% sure.
  5. That’s quite the funny statement. Hattiesburg was decimated with injuries last season and STILL found ways to win on offense. A newly broke in offense btw. Our starting QB began to find his stride in the Natchez game and went down for the season. Starting running back moved to QB, what are the odds of that playing out right? Hattiesburg got better as the season went on and that a fact not a smoke bomb.
  6. Lol and got beat by Laurel 50-0. I know. This is specifically what this thread is for. But the main purpose is solely for the end of the 2022 season. Some things will be said between now and then, one thing for certain when it’s all said and done either me or somebody is gonna face the music.
  7. I agree with you about Deuce. But I didn’t make any predictions………….. yet.
  8. Hattiesburg DL in 2022 is going to consist of Kevin Oatis, Malek Jones, Tabias Hinton, and BJ Mitchell…. The nasty bunch ohh they gonna be nasty. Offense KEY return is Tavares Wade at RB and Deuce at QB both from season ending injury. The vengeance of the Hattiesburg Tigers and our GREAT head coach Tony Vance is gonna be real.
  9. Who does Brookhaven bring back?
  10. Ain’t no fear in the Tigers, I hope our schedule doesn’t alter. I want to see every single team we played last year.
  11. I made a bet with myself two years ago that Vance will not leave Hattiesburg until Deuce graduates. 3 more years and I fully expect the reality of that.
  12. Well I am quite kind of confused, so what is the topic of discussion here? Complete body of work or the last several months? That’s a big difference and two different spectrums.
  13. Your right y’all won a ring so I don’t have anymore ammunition against you. What does going undefeated in the regular season have to do with state championship?? Don’t change the subject, that’s what I’m defending. My offer still stands. I won’t debate with you behind a keyboard anymore. I’d love to meet you. All jokes aside I’m a die hard Hattiesburg fan no way around it. I live in Texas now. I fly or drive to watch Hattiesburg play good season or baddd. I’m going to show my badge and I will never hide. I’m not on this board to sound smart like or be right in everything I say, this board has gotten softer and softer. I’ll take the heat but when it’s my time to shine I got a truck load to dish out. I’m going to leave this conversation where it’s at.
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