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  1. Lsu and Usc got experienced qbs in the portal. I know Dart played some at Usc but this was his first full time starter job and it showed in some big moments.
  2. I think it’s gonna be in the 9.5 - 10 range. And the NIL money is gonna be raised significantly. Anyone with a brain knows that he isn’t going to be at OM forever. But I just have a hard time seeing Auburn being job that lures him away.
  3. I have always been in favor of taking the points early and being aggressive late.
  4. I think at the very least the guy should have took himself off the field and went to the clock or something. I know of an official if he gets one of our games that is what he does.
  5. I know Hathorn made several calls and filed a grievance but what are they really gonna do.
  6. The basketball coaches decided among themselves to not go to it.
  7. Our basketball coach noticed him I believe at some point in the 2nd quarter.
  8. Well I can tell you the basketball coach was the official that threw the flag on both TD’s that were called back.
  9. If WC has everyone healthy we might could make it interesting but last week we had very few at close to 100% with the flu. Hopefully this week will be better.
  10. If he is able to have a few more years like he had this year he will be a hot candidate for a bigger job.
  11. I know Picayune is pretty good defensively. But the best defense against a good offense is to limit their possessions. Take the long drives and capitalize into points. And force Gautier to try and score quick.
  12. He broke the record that Moore set a couple years ago.
  13. I think some of it is the lack of an explosive passing game and teams sit on short stuff and running game. And some of it has to do with Dart being in a new system. Hopefully it gets better with him getting more comfortable.
  14. The guy on WC sideline has always been flag happy for as long as I can remember him.
  15. That is correct. Only time they moved the ball is when they spread us out and ran the big guy.
  16. They are a gritty team for sure but we should have had atleast 28 in first half if we don’t drop 2 tds.
  17. He has been at a lot of places .
  18. Last night was Quitman super bowl. And we escaped with a win.
  19. That’s him sitting beside the coach when it started. Apparently he is an assistant at Heidelberg.
  20. Maybe ole Jimmy Risen will coach thrm this year
  21. We didn’t play very well at all. Way to many penalties on defense. But #5 from Quitman can go. That kid can be special. He was their offense.
  22. I think a lot of it is coaches not wanting to trash the first game of the season and it being messed up the whole year. Back in the day there were no other alternatives do you had to suffer through it. Thankfully we have turf and can offer it to other schools to use.
  23. I don’t think Bench gets enough credit from most OM fans. What he was able to do going from CF to 3rd was impressive.
  24. I thought I heard them say Horton was draft eligible but I’m not sure.
  25. It’s hard to keep up with the eligibility with the covid year.
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