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  1. I don’t think Bench gets enough credit from most OM fans. What he was able to do going from CF to 3rd was impressive.
  2. I thought I heard them say Horton was draft eligible but I’m not sure.
  3. It’s hard to keep up with the eligibility with the covid year.
  4. Oklahoma brings back a good bit from this team don’t they?
  5. Hell of a job by the kid from Oklahoma. But OM found a way!!
  6. I find it interesting Bianco chose to start Dougherty instead of Diamond in game one. I don’t necessarily hate the idea just strange to have a guy do something he isn’t familiar with.
  7. I feel good with Elliot on the mound to win one to get back to Delucia. Oklahoma offense is better than Arkansas’s but Arkansas pitching is better.
  8. The weakness has turned into a real strength! But it will be tested against Oklahoma.
  9. I always figured it was between Texas and Georgia.
  10. Yea I know. I just get in a habit of saying tonight and it’s hard to break.
  11. Yes he is the OM version of Mangum and Allen. If there is one guy that can will a team to a win it is him. Graham and Elko need to have big games tonight.
  12. Tim Elko’s place among the greats at Ole Miss is already entrenched. But I have a feeling that he is going to further stamp his legacy as one of the greatest to play at OM tonight. I could be completely wrong but I just have a feeling that he is going to do something special tonight.
  13. OM was a little to aggressive especially early in game IMO. And OM had some bad luck on a few balls they did hit hard but that is the way the game goes.
  14. The fact that they had such a bad day and we still had a shot to win says how far this team has come this season.
  15. This was a great game. It sucks OM couldn’t close it out tonight but I expect another great one tomorrow!
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