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  1. I saw these on twitter MRA vs Oak Grove MRA vs Pulaski PCS vs Bay HS OFA vs Purvis HS Mag Heights vs Tupelo Christian Heritage vs Biggersville Starkville vs Escambia (AL) Lamar vs Patrician (AL) TCA vs Taylorsville HS Leake vs Union
  2. Hubbard is no doubt Mr 6A!
  3. NWR this year is better than Pearl in any of the last 4 years is what I know I am saying. Pearl hasn’t been relevant for a long time.
  4. NWR is no doubt a helluva lot better than Pearl. No idea where that came from. OS should win no doubt in my mind. I don’t know anything about Biloxi but I like our chances. I would pick WC over Gulfport as well but wouldn’t put any money on it…
  5. First start in High School for our QB and others. Young team that found a way to win without much experience at this level basically other than some late game PT last year when it was out of hand. They had to grow up quick and we’re very lucky to win those in the beginning. OG is almost grown now!
  6. Hattiesburg High School bring the Little Brown Jug home!
  7. OS better get it this year cause next year OG will be loaded! I go back to to competition played and let’s see how it plays out. South 6A should be be interesting to say the least. I would say Brandon has to be the favorite at this point. But even they have looked suspect the last 2 weeks.
  8. I’d say you are more likely to play Brandon than OG first. There are 2 more games to go before it’s decided but that’s where I am. I don’t think y’all will have any trouble with Gulfport.
  9. I said Hattiesburg and Clinton would be a more difficult game than the first one because of better competition played since you played them. I would expect OS to win again. No way would OS would be undefeated if y’all played Brandon’s or OG’s schedule this year. Could OS beat OG this year? IMO yes either team could win. Is OG better prepared for that game? No doubt about it. Could OS beat Brandon this year? IMO highly unlikely because of the same. My point was and is that no fault of their own for OS the competition in 6A Region 4 does not prepare a really good team like OS for what’s about to come. Hey, maybe OS is just that good. Time will tell…
  10. The problem OS has and no fault of their own other than scheduling tough comp the first 4 games is the rest of their opponents does not prepare them for Region 3… I think Clinton and Hattiesburg would be much more difficult for them them now. But that is still weak compared to what OG and Brandon faced early on.
  11. If 6a South plays out like I think it will OS will have to beat Brandon and I don’t see that happening.
  12. Oak Grove is the youngest of the 3 bunch. But Brandon just like other 6A schools reloads every year. So it will continue to happen from my perspective. Same for the schools in other regions moving to 7A.
  13. I believe Rebel Bart had it correct in another post. See below. I believe if all 3 win out, then points against NW Rankin to break the tie: Current: 1 WC +7 2 Oak Grove 0 they play last game. 3 Brandon 0 they play this week If Brandon wins by 8 or more then Oak Grove has to do 1 better up to 12. If 12 or more is the number then its: 1 OG, 2 B, 3 WC. The tie is broken at 12 putting WC as 3 seed then head to head goes to OG as 1 seed.
  14. I believe these are the tiebreaker rules… MHSAA Tiebreaker Procedure 1. Head-to-head - Straight W/L records among the tied teams. With three or more teams, if the W/L records are equal - regardless of how much that team won by - then they are still tied in this tiebreaker and proceeds to tiebreaker 2. 2. How the tied teams did against the highest seeded non-tied teams - In other words, how the tied teams did against the highest remaining team not involved in the tiebreaker. This is by straight W/L as well. If the tied teams all won or all lost to the same team, then it goes to the next highest seeded team. If the tied teams all won or all lost there, then the next highest seeded team until all the teams in the region have gone through the same procedure. This tiebreaker is really only used if an odd number of tied teams are tied since an even number will likely have the tie broken on tiebreaker 1. If the tied teams all won and all lost against the same teams, then continue to tiebreaker 3. 3. Point difference in games among the tied teams - This varies by sport, but the overall tiebreaker is the same on all fronts. The maximum amount of points that can be earned in Football and Basketball is 12. In Baseball and both Slow-Pitch and Fast-Pitch Softball, that maximum number is 10 (due to the NFHS 10-run rule that is in play). In Soccer, it is 3. In Volleyball, they use Sets instead of points within each set, and of course since 3 sets is the most anyone can win by, that maximum is 3 as well (but in truth there is no maximum in Volleyball). An example of this: If Team A beats Team B by 7, and Team B beats Team C by 15, and Team C beats Team A by 4, then you have this. Team A won by 7 but lost by 4, that puts them at +3. Team B won by 15, but only gets credit for 12, and lost by 7, that puts Team B at +5. Team C won by 4, but lost by 15 (but only has credit for 12), that puts Team C at -8. The tiebreaker would go Team B +5, Team A +3, Team C -8. Team B would be one, Team A is 2, and Team C is 3. If at the end of this tiebreaker that the tied teams difference is all at 0, then go to tiebreaker 4. 4. Point difference in games among the highest seeded non-tied teams - This is basically tiebreakers 2 and 3 put into one, except you do it team-by-team. Same procedure as tiebreaker 2, and same point maximum in tiebreaker 3. If the teams are still tied after this, go to tiebreaker 5. 5. Points allowed in all region games - Point blank exactly what it says. The only thing here is that there is no maximum points in this tiebreaker. If it is still a tie after tiebreaker 5, tiebreaker 6 is a coin flip. It is VERY important to note that after a tie has been broken at any point, the remaining tied teams ONLY go back to tiebreaker 1 IF there is a tie WITHIN the tie. If there is a difference between all teams involved in the tiebreaker that breaks the tie, the teams are seeded in that order
  15. Yep. I knew about him for awhile and he is just that. Smith pretty good on his feet too. We will have our hands full no doubt. Very athletic groups will be on the field. Man as usual there are some good teams in Region 3 6A. Ocean Springs needs to come on up and get a taste of this.
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