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  1. @Mout no you had it right. Congrats to Brandon!
  2. Starkville Oak Grove West Point Picayune Senatobia Columbia North Panola Jefferson Davis County Charleston Scott Central Simmons Bay Springs
  3. We are playing really good football the last several games. I think Brandon will have to play exceptional to beat us. Holding OS to 20+ yards in the last half speaks loudly.
  4. Rematch. Who you got and why? Should be a good one!
  5. Congratulations OS on a great season! We coming for Brandon next and we will get them.
  6. Barnett is a passer not a runner. If y’all get to him then the advantage will be yours. He will run some but he lets the playmakers do most of that. Our defense is quick but gives every team 2-3 big plays it seems because of the style of defense we play. Very aggressive. That’s why we give up points in a game primarily. Not many teams have long sustained drives against our D. I think our lines on both sides will give OS challenges they have not experienced this year. I think that will be the big difference in the game.
  7. Unless there is something within MHSAA that prohibits it will be free steamed on https://oakgrovewarriors.live/watch-live/
  8. OS receivers are good so it will be interesting to see how that shakes out since we upgraded our DBs a few games ago.
  9. In reality you cant even compare common opponent games. OG and HHS are forever cross town rivalries and we played there y’all played at home. We played at Pearl and y’all played home. We could have beat Gulfport much worst but we ran clock and played extremely conservative in the 2nd half for good reason. That’s not even taking into account key injuries or sitting starters with decent leads. Throw these comparisons out the window… Brandon suffered a huge loss (RB) last game so this winner will be in a good place. For me, I believe our past playoff experience will make the difference in this one. Kabe has had and up and down year but he does have that experience with pressure situations. OG goes as far as he takes them. Should be a good one and I hope we get the ball last!
  10. Ocean Springs Warren Central Oak Grove Brandon Winner of OS and OG wins the South
  11. Oak Grove down 18-6 out scores 37 -7 and then gives up 2 late scores for 55-39 win over NWR.
  12. Had no idea… Wow he may not be at USM then. Ha
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