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  1. Yes it would be good and fun to have those guys and some the other originals around. eagle bear, Shrute, TJ, Chunky etc
  2. After last year I think State will beat Memphis at home. Arizona will probably be a struggle but I think we will pull out a win. LSWHO is a mystery but I agree that it is a winnable game. 3-0 for State would be huge. Probably will not happen. But possible. I actually like playing Georgia this year at home. They are still really good but I think they will have some hangover from the NC plus they lost a lot experienced talent. OL is the huge question mark for State. If the line play is solid good it could be a good year. I agree with 83 that we could be anywhere from 5-10 wins. Quite a few games that will be toss ups LSU, Arky, A&M, KY, OM are all that could go either way. Bama & UGA probable losses Auburn- probable win OOC-really needs to be 4-0 but we know that will not necessarily be the case. Ole Miss- I do think will take a step back but still be good. Losing the DC is a blow there. He made a great difference. New QB will be a work in progress. Still a lot of talent but I could see a couple of WTF games for Ole Miss this year. I can see 7-9 wins because the schedule is manageable but there are a lot of IF’s as well that could go N or S this year.
  3. And it also speaks of the importance of leadership and experience. Elko provided that along with Graham and that makes a huge difference. No way State wins last year without Allen and Rowdy. It is an intangible part of the team but it is hard to quantify because stats don’t always tell the whole story.
  4. I also predicted that Ole Miss was going to get a bid right after they were eliminated from the SECT when most were saying they were not going to get a bid. I think they put to rest the question if another team should have been in over them.
  5. I said the same thing last year. The ‘21 State was probably the 7th or 8th best team we have ever had but won it. Ole Miss has probably had 5-6 better teams than this year but won it. You just never know how these things are going to turn out.
  6. The veterans were crucial for Ole Miss. The pressure was just a bit too much for Oklahoma and that led to some mistakes. Obviously the base running mistake was very costly for Oklahoma. It was most definitely the right call but not something you see happen too often. But to win the NC You have to be really good OM Great pitching OM Great defense OM Timely Hitting OM Some Luck OM Ole Miss checked all the boxes in Omaha. Well earned and deserved.
  7. I told you guys that Ole Miss was going to win it!!! Happy for Coach Bianco, Tim Elko and company and all my Ole Miss friends who were pulling for State last year!!! Glad that we have back to back champions in the Magnolia State!!!
  8. Kind of what I expected. Oklahoma has had a good run but they were due for bad game plus Ole Miss is just playing on another level. I think they will win it tomorrow. My original prediction was if they won their first two games in Omaha they would win it all. One more to go. Obviously it is not over til it is over but it feels like it will be over by this time tomorrow night.
  9. IMHO Ole Miss wins the title in two games or three games!!! Very happy for my Ole Miss buds who were pulling for us last year. I know there more than few State/Ole Miss fans who pull for their team and anybody playing the other. But baseball seems to transcend that more so than the other sports. Oklahoma is good but Ole Miss is better and in this case I think the better team is going win the series and with that a National Championship. Just feel it coming on.
  10. Well done Ole Miss!!!! Now bring it back to Mississippi for the second year in a row!!! Great job by DeLucia!!!
  11. Elko is one of my favorite players. This coming from a State guy. But to the Ole Miss faithful he is similar to a Mangum or Allen at State. He has been a tremendous player who has come through in the clutch many times. And as baseball fan I appreciate players like that regardless of who they play for. It is one reason why I like Coach Bianco, as a player he was gritty, tough and clutch @ LSU. At a State, we have been blessed with many such players over the decades. I agree with 83 that Arkansas should have the edge but I am sticking to my prediction that Ole Miss wins this game and I won’t be surprised if Elko does have a big game and is an integral reason why OM wins.
  12. The old saying is that Ole Miss was due for a loss. And it happened tonight but I still think that you will win tomorrow. Almost pulled it out in the ninth inning tonight. Heck of a good game though.
  13. 1-1 in the early innings. So far so good for Ole Miss. I know you all are going to laugh at this but I have randomly gone back and watched some State baseball games from the last 2-3-4 years and I am so glad that we no longer wear those hideous black uniforms anymore. They were horrible then and I just wanted to gag then and then still want to gag today. You may now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.
  14. Interesting on the starting pitcher. You OM guys know better regarding the staff. Do you think he is a better match up against Arkansas? Do they struggle more against lefties? His numbers not bad. I will hold to my prediction that if Arkansas scores 5 or less runs, OM wins.
  15. A&M does it again. I give up there. I have been downing them all year and here they are in the final four. Shows you what I know. For Ole Miss, keep doing what you are doing. Throw Diamond and my gut feeling is he is going to have a good outing (throw 5-6 innings) and give up 2-3 runs and the hitting will carry them through to a victory. A&M - Oklahoma. The Aggie train might just do it. The odds are against them but they are more than capable. As one of you guys joked about; Hopefully this game tonight goes into extra innings and burns a bunch of pitching. Regardless who wins.
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