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  1. Moorhead was at Akron for several seasons. So he has history there. I am glad for him. I do think he is a good coach and if he learned from some of his mistakes at State, he can be successful there. I will be pulling for him to do well. I am glad Kiffin is staying at Ole Miss. I hope both he and Leach are here for the next ten years. That would be great for Mississippi as a whole and I think both of our teams can be a factor in the SEC and have some good success in the coming years.
  2. Bama-CVG UGA-Michigan I think UGA stays in. I do agree that some other teams would have had a chance but their resumes are not strong enough. I still maintain that Utah is the hottest team in the nation and nobody really wants to play them right now. Obviously, the two early losses killed their CFP chances. Also, I agree that Ole Miss - Baylor has the makings of a good game in the Sugar.
  3. Jackson is really the best but MS is just plain subpar these days. Starkville & Hattiesburg are generally the best venues stadium wise and location wise. With 25,45 and 82 four lane now, getting to Starkville is not so bad compared to the old days. Oxford, unfortunately is just too far North and is not as easy to get to even with the improvement in highways. But in any case, nothing is quite ideal because there is going to be travel for some teams each year regardless.
  4. Those games in the earlier rounds would still be on campus. With regard to the State Championship games , that very thing just happened last night. Brandon & Madison Central traveled to Hattiesburg to play when Memorial Stadium would have been ideal. But yes, there is an inherent risk with the final game creating travel issues for one or more teams regardless of the location of the games.
  5. That has been discussed here off and on over the years. Because MS has a long distance N-S and a relatively short distance E-W, the North-South configuration seems to have worked the best with respect to geography, travel etc. However with the much improved highway system (lots 4 lane highways now), changing to something like you propose might carry more merit. I know they want to avoid a Corinth traveling to St. Stanislaus or something similar during the earlier rounds of the playoffs.
  6. Utah’s early losses to SD State and BYU (two quality teams) cost them a playoff slot this year. If they were 12-1 right now, they would be in. Plus, that is a team nobody would want to play right now. They have been on a roll since mid season.
  7. This game on the NFL level was about as bad as the 3-2 Auburn-State game in 2008. Can’t believe I wasted 3+ hours watching it. But I did. Probably the last NFL game I will watch until the playoffs and then will only watch Dak and the Cowboys. Looking at the Cowboys tonight, I would agree with Reb that the NEast is terrible and they will make the playoffs by default and then exit after the first round.Unless their offensive line finds a pulse before then which I doubt will happen.
  8. I know this is a college forum but I am trying to watch the Cowboys and Saints. The last two-three years the only NFL games I have watched was Drew’s last game last year and then prior to that I watched Dak some. All that to say it is torture watching this game. It is 4+ minutes to go in the first quarter and there have already been 5 commercial breaks. Ugggghhhh. Thursday Night Commercial brought to you by football.
  9. Congratulations to Matt Corral on winning the Conerly. Well earned and deserved. He is a QB who has developed tremendously over his career. I think he has the potential to have a good NFL career. Rogers has come a long way from middle of 2020 to the end of this year. He really had an outstanding year. He was off a bit in the EB (some of that is a credit to the OM defense) and then his WR/RB let him down with some crucial drops as well. To lead State on a 40-0 run against Auburn at Auburn may be the most amazing thing that happened in the SEC this year. Against the same defense that held A&M out of the end zone and held Bama out of the end zone for 59+ minutes. Mind boggling TBH. With most of the team back next year to the future looks bright for Rogers. Ole Miss will sorely miss Corral. They may have talented QB in the wings but you don’t replace a guy like that very easily.
  10. My prediction is Georgia over Bama, CVG over HOU though that has the potential for an upset. Okie State over Baylor Michigan over Iowa Final Four will be UGA, CVG, Michigan and OK State. 2-4 order could shuffle depending on how teams play this week. If HOU beats CVG then ND could slip in. If chaos happens circa 2007 and all the underdogs win, then I have no idea. That would be fun to see if it did.
  11. I know this sounds crazy but if UGA wins the NC this year, then playing them next year is not the worst thing that could happen. They will be replacing a lot of the team next year and will not be as dominant as they have been this year. They could very well have a year similar to LSU last year where it is a struggle throughout the season and you are getting everybody’s best shot. Plus last year we played a very competitive game against them. So yes it is going to be tough but every year is tough in the SEC.
  12. Absolutely, 8-5 looks much better and yes in this case, winning the Bowl game is very important. Looking back if Moorhead beats Iowa and Louie-Ville in those two bowl games, he is probably still the HC at State. Even last year though it was a very ugly game, winning that bowl game was very important. Some years the bowl game W/L might not be so crucial but this year for State I agree that it would help finish the season in good fashion.
  13. Saban is Catholic. It sounds absurd but it is possibly the only place he would leave Bama for. However, He is 70 years old so I doubt that it happens. I suspect he retires in the next couple of years from Bama, possibly after winning a NC.
  14. Years ago, I would agree that UF, LSU or Auburn would be above State in the pecking order regardless of the record. Today, I don’t see that being as much of an issue. All three of those schools are down in the dumps and will sell a minimal number tickets to a bowl game. State fans OTOH, despite the EB loss are excited about the direction of the program and will have a good crowd wherever they are sent. And yes I know that the bowl games are more about TV ratings these days but ticket sales do still make a difference especially coming after the COVID losses they all endured from last year.
  15. Ugggghhhh, that would be fugly. The Camilla Bowl….whoopie Lot of politics in the bowl selection though it is generally better today than it was years ago. So you never know….
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