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  1. Will anyone be traveling as far as Tupelo did each week? For instance Tupelo to Clinton is 194 miles.
  2. It would also depend on whether the Head Coach is also the Athletic Director. That's a teacher base salary versus an administrator base salary. I've seen many more large schools lately having an AD-only position who doesn't actually coach anything. It keeps an AD from favoring the sport they coach as well as gives the AD more time to work with the sponsors and boosters associated with those larger programs. The only thing is that many of these Head Coaches have been ADs, so they might not accept a job if they are required to go back into the classroom and take a cut in pay even if its a better program. Its got its pros and cons for sure.
  3. Joe Koury, Madison Central. Started at center on that championship team this year. He's going to be one of the best lineman out of that class in the southeast. One of the strongest guys on the team even as a sophomore.
  4. Even with those 2 they finished 6th in that region. MC, Starkville, Oxford, Tupelo, and Clinton are all better than Germantown year in/year out. They need to start from the ground up. Middle school through Varsity.
  5. I expect this to be a closer game than last time. Madison Central was clicking on all cylinders and Oxford was just flat all night. I think the teams are much more evenly matched than that score showed. I think MC is better but any given Friday night anyone can beat anyone. I’m hoping MC stays 100% focused. The last game means nothing in the playoffs. One game at a time.
  6. Oxford Ocean Springs Warren Central Louisville Caledonia Mendenhall Kemper Co Enterprise Jefferson Davis Co. Newton
  7. I know last week isn't a good indicator, but I think Oxford will give South Panola a run for their money.
  8. Oxford vs South Panola Ocean Springs vs Pearl Warren Central vs D'Iberville Louisville vs Clarkdale Caledonia vs Pontotoc Mendenhall vs McComb Velma Jackson vs Kemper Co Enterprise vs Magee Jefferson Davis Co vs Hazelhurst Pisgah vs Newton
  9. JagsFan77

    Pick 'em

    Wayne County at West Jones Oxford at Madison Central Pearl at Brandon Coffeeville at West Tallahatchie Hattiesburg at Laurel Houston at Senatobia Union at West Marion Kosciusko at Caledonia Meridian at Warren Central Philadelphia at Heidelberg
  10. West Jones is VERY solid. I think they are a top 12-15 team in all divisions.
  11. I think you overlooked MC in 6A.
  12. They found out quickly that this isn't Region 1 they are dealing with anymore. This region beats each other up every week. It might not be as high scoring as Region 3.. but its much more physical than any other region.
  13. Starkville Madison Central Oxford Clinton Germantown Tupelo Grenada Murrah 2 or 3 pretty solid teams will be sitting at home when the playoffs begin.
  14. I know South Panola is a very good program and will be tough year in and year out, but this is really jumping the gun. The only 2 decent teams on the regular season schedule were Neshoba and Oxford who the Tigers didn't play. I know thats not really the kids fault. However, they scored LESS points against Cordova than the teams Cordova has already played. Now that they have moved into a new region, I dont think we'll really know what they really have until playoffs. They should breeze through that region with the top spot though. Like I said. I think they will ALWAYS field a good team, but its just too early to make those kinds of claims after playing one of the worst teams they'll see all year.
  15. JagsFan77


    Clinton to Tupelo is a pretty good drive.
  16. I think Region 2 in 6A is one of the toughest regions for sure. Even with the loss of South Panola. Oxford, Starkville, Madison Central, and Tupelo have all consistently been at the top of 6A for a while and now they are all in the same Region. South Panola should steam roll all of Region 1 now.
  17. I love the new turf we have at Madison Central as well as the work they've done along the track. Amazing atmosphere when the tailgate section I open. I know a lot of schools have video boards but MC just does more with theirs. I wish there was a nicer press box. I think that thing is nearly 30 years old and not nearly as nice as some around. But overall its a great fan atmosphere. After going to most of 6A I'd say that Brandon and Petal stand out to me as the nicest right now. Brandon has a super nice video board and a spacious press box along with the new turf. That set up at Petal is really nice with them walking out under the band through a tunnel like opening and the panther statue. Huge press box. And you can film from the top of their field house instead of pole cameras. If i had to pick just 1 i'd say Petal.
  18. Definitely a talented group. The team 2 years ago had more seniors but I don't think they've ever been this well rounded. I wish we'd have been able to see what last years group could have done with all those D1 pitchers that graduated. They've got something special going over at MC for sure.
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