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  1. 296069608_combinedpicsendcopy.thumb.jpg.86cdd2a90608c1b08d35e31947a3ef7b.jpg


    Class 1A: Ty Jones – RB/LB, Bay Springs, Senior

    Class 2A: Austin Goss – QB, Scott Central, Senior

    Class 3A: Suntarine Perkins – RB/LB, Raleigh, Senior

    Class 4A: Isaac Smith – RB/DB, Itawamba, Senior

    Class 5A: Dante Dowdell – RB, Picayune, Senior

    Class 6A: Bray Hubbard – QB, Ocean Springs, Senior

  2. I can’t decide who to take in either game. Tupelo is really really good. The Starkville we played is NOT the same Starkville team playing this week. They had all kinds of injuries when we matched up. They are pretty much back to full strength so it’s hard to pick a winner. This will be Tupelo’s biggest test of the season. The opposite in the South matchup. Brandon was full strength when we played early in the season but they have some key players out now. It seems like they found a spark in the second half of the Warren Central game. I think a healthy Brandon would have dominated this game but that’s just not the case now. I don’t expect a blowout in either game. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, Arashatora said:

    The hilarious thing is people on this very board where trashing Hardin last year because they weren't very good. Now that he's got not all sophomores starting and has his people and plan in place, everyone is slurping him again.

    To be fair, most of the trashing came from Tupelo fans last year. I remember seeing "this is the most talent we've had in years" on more than 1 occasion. It's just a tough region and the fans weren't ready for it. Most of the teams were senior heavy in the region last season. That mixed with the vast improvement of Tupelo was the perfect storm for them to dominate this year this far. Moving forward there's going to be a very solid team sitting at home during the playoffs every season. Outside of Murrah, I think every team in this region would be no lower than 2nd if they were to play in region 4. I'd take both Grenada and Germantown over both Biloxi and Gulfport. 

  4. 39 minutes ago, JACKTOWN91 said:

    Like I said, MC don't want to play teams like OG out of district. I bet yal wouldn't mind playing Hubbardless OS because they would just be a regular coast team. 

    I like the Ocean Springs matchup. We had them on the schedule just a few years back. I just hate the 374 mile round trip drive to the coast for a game that essentially doesn't matter. Especially when games are at 7:30 that time of year. You end up missing half a day of school before then afterwards getting home at like 3 AM after the team eats post game. I've said numerous times I've wanted MC to play Oak Grove. BrickCity definitely doesn't speak for most MC fans on some of these matchup wishes. Pearl refuses to schedule us. They started refusing 2 years ago. We did play Petal when Bobby Hall was here. Last time they played MC was up big early then ended up getting 165 yards in unsportsmanlike penalties (yes, 11 times flagged for it)  and turned out a ref had a kid on the Petal team the year before. Hall dropped them after that.

  5. Some of these bigger 7A matchups are going to happen because several local schools won't schedule some of the top local teams. There's gonna be some happy people when they are announced. 

  6. MC vs Oak Grove.. I think it’d be a good matchup

    MC vs Warren Central.. they’re always gritty


    Theres several other teams I’d like to play but I just don’t want to drive that far. Ocean Springs for instance… that’s 374 miles round trip. No thank you. Picayune, 326 miles. Pearl probably won’t schedule us anymore. I wouldn’t mind playing Ridgeland purely out of convenience. Maybe Petal, South Panola, West Point. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Dubaction said:

    Say what you will about the coast because I think the brand of football down there is bad myself. But right now Brandon, OG, and WC are just as good as anyone up North. And most of the 6A title games have been toss ups and close games. Just because the south has been on the losing end of those games don’t mean the teams aren’t good. 

    He started this by saying the North was embarrassingly bad, not me. I said what I said and I stand by it. Agree, or disagree. Doesn't really matter to me.

  8. Just now, Dubaction said:

    That’s bold of you. Madison Central hadn’t been to the state championship let alone won one in two decades before last season.

    I'm not talking about MC. I didn't even mention us. Union said the north is bad, how its "embarrassing", and saying they need new coaches. I'm saying 10 out of 13 championships were won by the North. I'm also saying the South hype rarely matches the outcome each year. A Region 4 team has NEVER won 6A yet we hear how amazing they are every single year.

  9. 14 minutes ago, Unionman76 said:

    i watch about 5 games every friday night (6a)


    and its an embarrassment how bad the north teams are versus the south

    the north needs new coaching blood

    Other than Brandon, I'm not overly impressed with anyone in the south and they are beatable. The coast is overrated every year and never makes it to the championship. We always hear how great the south is yet 10 of the 13 6A champions have come from the North since 6A was created. I'll believe the South is good when they start winning games that actually matter.

  10. One thing about Germantown is their consistent growth since opening. I believe they were initially 4A, then 5A, now 6A, soon to be 7A in a relatively short period. That will be 4 different classifications in just 12 years next season. I expect them to be a solid program in the coming years. They have the resources. Entering this season they were 73-53-1 since opening. They really only struggled making the jump to 6A. 

  11. 3 hours ago, 073 said:

    Your only hope is that it is not turned in by the officials. 

    And this does happen. Plus the MHSAA sometimes overturns it depending on the circumstances. 

  12. Tupelo's win this week was definitely impressive. Perhaps the lighter early season schedule was an advantage after all. Starkville has athletes but they weren't nearly as good as I thought they'd be. I'm having to rethink this whole region. This season has gone against the norm. We have a tough remainder of the season other than Murrah. We have Clinton this week who has looked very good most of this season. We go to Oxford and Tupelo. I really haven't paid much attention to Germantown but ya can't overlook them either. They always get a little extra motivation when they play us. It seems like everyone does. We are universally hated by most of the state. 

  13. 14 minutes ago, Dubaction said:

    Been asking for OG to schedule MC for years now. That’s about the only team I have a real desire to see us play non district. Them and Starkville. 

    Starkville always has crazy talented athletes. Its usually a nail biter between them and us. I'm gonna say... I was shocked at the MC vs Starkville game last week. MC was up 41-7 early in the 4th. 1 point from a running clock. 


    But yes. They'd be a good measuring stick early in the year most every season.

    I'd think Starkville vs Oak Grove and MC vs Oak Grove would draw a big gate every year too. 

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