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  1. No spring practice? Thats very unusual for a school that size.
  2. Just like some HEARD these changes would begin next year.
  3. Whoever you heard it from that it wasn't brought to the coaches was misinformed.
  4. Good luck to them. Its always exciting to see Mississippi teams getting national exposure.
  5. Do you really think the coaches that were in the meetings and voted on this care 1 little tiny bit how much money the MHSAA makes? The coaches who voted dont make 1 cent off of this. Everyone thinks this was some backroom decision by the MHSAA execs... It was not. It was the coaches, that were voted for by other coaches, who decided this. Every single coach from every single school in every single region can nominate and vote on who is at the table for all of these decisions. They do it every single summer. Quit making it out to be some conspiracy for a money grab. Thats not how these decisions are made.
  6. Petal, South Panola, Pascagoula, Grenada, and Pearl might all be 6A instead of 7A. I'd think they'd possibly benefit more than most.
  7. Other than 7A.. what classification would you think will be more watered down because of this? Would the old 5A (new 6A) be watered down by adding South Panola, Petal, and Pearl into it? And by "watered down", do you really mean more evenly matched? Sometimes the best team in the state might be a 7A team, maybe a 6A team, maybe a 5A team.. and there's no way to really say because we don't have an overall championship game. The state championship has always just been the champion of just their own division. That won't change with 7 classes, 6 classes, 3 classes, or 20 classes. Thats what rankings are for. And there's multiples of those, so pick whichever has your team higher. If they don't play its all speculation no matter how many classifications (unless its just 1 classification). Right now in 6A, you have teams playing teams that are an entire 5A school's worth of kids larger than them in the same class.. Some of you say it doesn't matter but that's probably just because its not YOUR school that's playing teams almost twice the size in the same division. Most everyone complaining is just looking out for the own interests. Apparently at the meetings there were enough good points made that the vote passed. Instead of whining about it, figure out how to deal with it, because its happening. No amount of bickering is going to change that at this point. We are not like any other state. Accept it and get on with your life.
  8. Read this on another site but it's quite eye opening. "Interesting fact based on the last classification numbers: There's a gap of 860 kids between the largest school in 6A and the smallest school in 6A.. There's also a gap of 860 kids between the smallest school in 6A and the largest school in 1A."
  9. The soccer board several years back was one of the most active. Many of those posters' kids graduated I guess. Several coaches would come to discuss rules and tournaments as well.
  10. Oh for sure the 3 D1 stadiums are the way to go. But in 1A/2A/3A if its between a mostly empty mud bowl where you can't even run at the Vet or 2 packed crowds at Brandon (or wherever) on turf or playing in , I'm choosing the clean new smaller stadium with turf and a packed crowd.The Vet needs turf if its going to host a championship. It can't handle the wear and tear of 2 games it definitely won't handle 7.
  11. Brandon and Northwest Rankin do as well. I believe it was actually done first at Brandon, then MC, and now Northwest. With the tiered North tailgate area I think MC has the best tailgate setup of the 3. You aren't just looking through other tents to see the game. You can see over the front rows from the higher tiers. And the videoboard at MC is on the opposite side that you can see pretty clearly. I think Northwest needs to move theirs a little further off the field though. Its dangerously close to the endzone. Brandon and Northwest both have MUCH larger press boxes to accommodate a championship though. The pressbox at MC hasn't been changed since they built it in like 96 or so. One of the worst in 6A, in my opinion, other than some of the JPS pressboxes. It needs to be torn down and start from scratch. The whole thing shakes as people walk in front of it in the bleachers.
  12. Geographically it makes sense but I just dont see them putting the championships at a private Baptist college. Other than soccer state being moved to Belhaven for a season I haven't personally seen a private school host another championship. I'd think Brandon, Northwest Rankin, Madison Central, Ridgeland, and Germantown would all have relatively the same size stadium seating wise. Robinson-Hale says it holds 8500 which is the same as Madison Central before they put in tailgating.. I believe MC vs South Panola North State one year had close to 10,000 but a ton of people were standing around the field before they put the tailgating section in. I think It would be about 11,000 now since 2,500 tickets are reserved in the tailgate area. But I think Brandon and Northwest are about the same size. There might be somewhere else I'm forgetting.
  13. Petal is not a top 20 team. They lost like 6 of their last 7 games last year and only won 1 6A game and that was to an awful Northwest Rankin team. You have them 3rd? Delusional. No Brandon or Oak Grove who are constantly beating most every one to those coast teams in this poll yearly. Whens the last time a coast 6A team has gone to the championship? So much chest chumping every year from the 6A coast and they get wiped out in the playoffs. Maybe throw Brandon on your schedule instead of 3A teams or mediocre coast 6A teams and you'd get more respect. Picayune might be good but this poll is a dumpster fire top to bottom.
  14. As much as it pains me to say this, Brandon probably has the best facilities out of that group. I really like their new setup other than parking. Its just a bit farther off the interstate than the others.
  15. Brandon will be even better next year than last. West Point was the only good team Picayune beat last year. Some of y'all coast folks are oblivious to football in the rest of the state. Mediocre coast teams beating up other mediocre coast teams to boost their record isn't changing the minds of the rest of the state who demolish the coast teams year in and year out when the games actually matter in the playoffs. When the coast constantly has to make "coast rankings" because they can't compare to the rest of the state it's very telling. Don't be all in your feels because the rest of the state disagrees with you.
  16. Brandon will be better than 1-6 on this list. Possibly all 10.
  17. Who would make those power rankings? MaxPreps? CalPreps? Clarion Ledger? AP? Coaches? You'd get a different ranking from everyone.
  18. The strength of the regions will change year to year. I have no problem with more teams in the playoffs. If a team is weak, they will get beaten. Problem solved. Will the MHSAA make more money? Of course. Will more kids actually get the experience of playing in a playoff? Of course. I'd rather see undeserving teams make the playoffs every year than seeing good teams sitting at home simply because people are opposed to the MHSAA making money. I don't want kids to have to suffer because of what we did "back in our day". Let them play.
  19. I've seen MANY #1 seeds beaten by #4 seeds. Just one example this year was Oxford beating South Panola. Some regions just have more talent year in and year out. You see some years where entire regions get swept by another. You can argue that it's diluting the playoffs by having so many make the playoffs, but you could also argue it would be diluting it by taking out some of the better teams in tougher regions.
  20. Exactly. I'd think this would be an opportunity to boost ticket sales with non region games. More weeks with more options instead of the required games that were on the schedule. And less of an excuse NOT to schedule tougher opponents. I'd like to see some Oxford vs Ocean Springs or Starkville vs Oak Grove kinda matchups in those early weeks.
  21. Yeah. I'm just saying. I hear about travel complaints every reclassification. But no one will have it as bad as Tupelo had it this year.
  22. In that list, Germantown was listed twice. Murrah would be in that region I'd guess.
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