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  1. Meridian (back in the day) Louisville Mendenhall Magee Collins Starkville Stringer Weir Rosedale/West Bolivar Forest Some of these are smaller schools but have had arguably more success than some you mentioned if you go back further.
  2. Starkville vs West Point Madison Central vs Brandon Louisville vs Noxubee Oxford vs Lafayette Picayune vs Jeff Davis Theres so many good matchups every year.
  3. Its a tough situation he was thrown into. There's going to be 2 decent teams sitting at home when the playoffs roll around. It might not be the toughest region every year, but year in and year out its one of the toughest. Tupelo, Germantown, and even Grenada were all decent teams last year and missed the playoffs.
  4. Pearl used to have that 2 color helmet with the anchor that was pretty cool. But their dark helmet with just the white script Pearl is awful. I'm not at fan of any of the script font helmets. They are one that can be first or worst depending on the game. Meridian is pretty bad. Murrah just doesn't put any money in to their uniforms. The same can be said for most JPS schools. I think the Black and Red at Brandon looks very clean. I think its an easy color combo to make look good. That being said, Clinton and Biloxi don't do as much with it as they could. Oak Grove usually has some good looking uniforms. I'm not really a fan of any of the DeSoto county uniforms that I can think of. Lewisberg is ok I guess.
  5. I’d say yes at the time they played. With a healthy MC lineup it was close with West Jones. The following week, with a healthy lineup, MC whipped Brandon pretty good. That West Jones defense had some VERY good athletes.
  6. That was probably the best team MC played last year top to bottom. And West Jones had starters out with Covid. It will be a close game I’d think.
  7. No spring practice? Thats very unusual for a school that size.
  8. Just like some HEARD these changes would begin next year.
  9. Whoever you heard it from that it wasn't brought to the coaches was misinformed.
  10. Good luck to them. Its always exciting to see Mississippi teams getting national exposure.
  11. Do you really think the coaches that were in the meetings and voted on this care 1 little tiny bit how much money the MHSAA makes? The coaches who voted dont make 1 cent off of this. Everyone thinks this was some backroom decision by the MHSAA execs... It was not. It was the coaches, that were voted for by other coaches, who decided this. Every single coach from every single school in every single region can nominate and vote on who is at the table for all of these decisions. They do it every single summer. Quit making it out to be some conspiracy for a money grab. Thats not how these decisions are made.
  12. Petal, South Panola, Pascagoula, Grenada, and Pearl might all be 6A instead of 7A. I'd think they'd possibly benefit more than most.
  13. Other than 7A.. what classification would you think will be more watered down because of this? Would the old 5A (new 6A) be watered down by adding South Panola, Petal, and Pearl into it? And by "watered down", do you really mean more evenly matched? Sometimes the best team in the state might be a 7A team, maybe a 6A team, maybe a 5A team.. and there's no way to really say because we don't have an overall championship game. The state championship has always just been the champion of just their own division. That won't change with 7 classes, 6 classes, 3 classes, or 20 classes. Thats what rankings are for. And there's multiples of those, so pick whichever has your team higher. If they don't play its all speculation no matter how many classifications (unless its just 1 classification). Right now in 6A, you have teams playing teams that are an entire 5A school's worth of kids larger than them in the same class.. Some of you say it doesn't matter but that's probably just because its not YOUR school that's playing teams almost twice the size in the same division. Most everyone complaining is just looking out for the own interests. Apparently at the meetings there were enough good points made that the vote passed. Instead of whining about it, figure out how to deal with it, because its happening. No amount of bickering is going to change that at this point. We are not like any other state. Accept it and get on with your life.
  14. Read this on another site but it's quite eye opening. "Interesting fact based on the last classification numbers: There's a gap of 860 kids between the largest school in 6A and the smallest school in 6A.. There's also a gap of 860 kids between the smallest school in 6A and the largest school in 1A."
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