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  1. If I was Picayune, I would limit the carries for those 2 stud running backs. No way I am going all out for a meaningless spring game. Same for Hubbard at Ocean Springs. No way if I am him will I take a chance on getting hurt my upcoming senior season.
  2. Whats their strength on D? The D-line? linebackers? DB"s? or all 3?
  3. I would probably swap wayne co and Brookhaven
  4. they have 16 seniors. 6 of them are going to play JUCO ball. Its just a team who has pretty much been playing together for the last 6yrs. Everyone played on the same travel ball team since they were 11-12 year olds.
  5. Vott

    Who repeats

    That may be true for spring. Some football players were also playing baseball and running track. Baseball is over for them so they may be practicing now. Track is still going on.
  6. Vott

    Who repeats

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But they have as good of chance as anyone to win Region 3 this season. I do not see an 0-4 start like last season. How do you know what HHS is going to have this season? I dont think a fan from Long Beach knows that. Just like I dont know what Long Beach is going to have this season.
  7. Vott

    Who repeats

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that West Jones Wayne Co. Laurel or Hattiesburg will knock off Picayune in the playoffs this season.
  8. If thats the case, Petal should change their nickname from the panthers to the pansies.
  9. If a team is excited to get away from the elite, it means they are scared of competition.
  10. They will continue to play OG in non region if they go to 6a
  11. I am going to copy this and see how many I get right for class 6a next yr if these are the actual 24 schools. Region 1 Lewisburg, South Panola, Olive Branch, Center Hill, Saltillo, Lake Cormorant. Region 2 Grenada, Neshoba Central, columbus , Greenville, Jim Hill, Callaway Region 3 Petal, Pearl, Forest Hill Hattiesburg, West Jones, Natchez Region 4 Pascagoula, West Harrison, George Co, Pearl River Central, Long Beach, Gautier. The new 6a south got a little weaker losing the schools like Wayne Co, Picayune and Laurel and East Central. Looking at Class 5a south that region is going to be very top heavy with the schools listed above. Also have to mention Brookhaven as well.
  12. Thank you for hijacking what i posted on page 5. lol
  13. I think if the numbers stay where they are Region 3 6a will consist of pearl petal west jones natchez hattiesburg jim hill or forest hill
  14. Ok Enterprise Bulldog. Since its official you can put the schools wherever you think they are going to be now.
  15. Just a thought while waiting for the 2022 season to get here: I would like to know what schools who have lots of success on the field get very little fan support and also what schools who arent very successful on the field will pack the stands every game they play? To me it seems like Petal home games dont get much fan support anymore unless they playing Oak Grove or Hattiesburg. Pearl River Central is the team who gets great crowd support even if they are having a bad season.
  16. The reason it's quiet is because nothing is gonna happen. The 2022 season will be like any other season. Nothing changes til 2023 school yr
  17. So youre expecting Picayune to 3 peat?
  18. Picking up the phone to schedule a game isnt all that simple. Lets say Picayune needs a non region game. They are going to be loaded next season. Picayune coach contacts ABC High School asks would he like to play them. ABC coach says no because he doesnt want to get a beatdown put on him. Then you have to make another phone call to try and find a game. Lets be honest, for teams who are very good, non region games can be hard to schedule.
  19. Just cant see this happening in 2022. Way too hard to schedule non region games 4 months before the season begins.
  20. Vott


    Not really. They were hyped up all summer before last season and once region play started they struggled.
  21. Vott


    They are now looking for a head coach.
  22. Wonder how many people on this site know what you're referring to? LOL. I certainly do
  23. So MC has a tailgating area inside the stadium? Thats how to do it right there!
  24. I wont disagree that picayune couldnt beat Brandon, but if you think Picayune would put a 35- 7 type beating on Brandon you are sadly mistaken. Picayune Should be the preseason no.1 team in the state next season though.
  25. they will have 4 wins by end of september. Same schedule as last yr. I dont see an 0-4 start to the season like last season
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