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  1. For west point to be undefeated coming in tells me one thing. 5a north was weak this season. That was a very average west point team compared to others.
  2. Going to Jackson isn't bad. I wouldn't mind that. But South Panola and olive branch going to Hattiesburg wouldn't be good either.
  3. Only downfall if it ever came to that is how would you like it if it was a Hattiesburg-laurel title game but you had to play it at ole miss. I say keep it like it is
  4. Man it's December, and not only is amory getting smoked, but no way should they be cramping up.
  5. As bad as FCAHS has been the last few years, its hard to believe they were a very solid program for a long time
  6. Friday and Saturday sunny with highs in the 70s Friday and Saturday night lows in the 50s.
  7. If Bama beats Georgia Nick Saban had to sell his soul to the devil. They could easily have 4 losses. Lsu Fla and Auburn could have or should have beaten them
  8. Vott


    They are at 11am 3pm and 7pm both days.
  9. With Bama losing to auburn and out of the playoff picture will this drop ole miss out of the sugar bowl and put Bama in?
  10. It can still be an attendance record. Pine Belt folks are gonna show up just to watch. It's not gonna matter who is playing.
  11. Same reason they didn't do ot last yr vs Oxford in the title game. He wanted to go for the win. Now OG fans will be pissed at him.
  12. I'm on the fence on which game I wanna go see Friday night between this one or Columbia- Poplarville. The game I don't go to will be the best one. That's how it usually works out for me. Lol
  13. OG will win this. They know what it takes to get there and when its a pressure packed moment they dont fold up. Last week Ocean Springs got wide eyed and hit the panic button. You wont see OG hit the panic button Friday night if Brandon jumps on them. They will continue to play their game and let Brandon make a mistake and then the pressure will get to Brandon
  14. If he dont get there this yr hes never going to get there. This is now the time he has to not only get there but to win it.
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