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  1. MSU 8 at best Ole Miss at least 8 USM 3 will be good; more than that is bonus
  2. They are playing 8-man mostly against other deaf schools, but usually play at least one MAIS 8-man team as well.
  3. Deaf League. Not Death. smh
  4. Greg Wallace has replaced Ben Durham at Marvell Acad.
  5. Ole Miss held thier smokers til tomorrow. We'll see
  6. Last three batters = three homeruns.. Damn
  7. The last 5-6 games offensive ppg went south and defensively improved or at least appears to have been consistent with production earlier in the season. Weird. Defensively they gave up 33 ppg, and lack of defense all season long was their problem last year.
  8. 32 of their 2021 roster was from Mississippi. The majority of their roster is from out of state, but not by much.
  9. Kinda doubt Holiday will be playing at TCPS this fall.
  10. Meridian hasn't been "really good" since Weems was there. For me the proof is in the pudding. When they show up and show out, and don't lose to Terry, maybe then I'll be a believer.
  11. Rosedale and Benoit were changed due to integration. Benoit (and a few other Delta schools) were closed rather than integrate. On another note, I found that Biloxi HS was the first team in Mississippi - according to the article "high school or college" - to play a lighted night game on September 27, 1930. They beat Purvis 58-0 under the lights.
  12. Digging around in old newspapers and I find that Gulfport were once the Tigers. Wiggins (Stone Co.) were the Lumberjacks. Magee were the Burrheads until the 1940's. Rosedale used to be the Bulldogs - and Benoit's mascot was the Broncos. Almost forgot... Vicksburg were the Greenies. Any others that have changed mascots over time?
  13. Ben Durham is the new Football Coach at Marshall Acad.
  14. He did a fine job. 113 pitches, but was faltering from the stretch.
  15. https://www.wlbt.com/2022/06/16/basketball-coach-clinton-christian-academy-charged-with-sexual-battery/
  16. Delta Acad. has an ad up on MAIS. Jeremy Brock has been hired by Columbus Christian
  17. And this quote is brought to you folks, by the guy who wanted Jimmerson fired and replaced with Bobby Hall so he could install the Spread offense.
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