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  1. https://www.panolian.com/2022/01/18/south-panola-issues-press-release-for-coach-woods/
  2. Looks a like a positive for the smaller schools with less travel
  3. MAIS member Tensas Academy in St Joseph, LA is open.
  4. Maybe he's not looking to land a one-year QB and/or is satisfied with the three QB's currently on roster.
  5. Long drive from Brooklyn to D'Iberville.
  6. Ok - didn't know. Their website still has Dungan as HC.
  7. When did King become HC again?
  8. So was Hattiesburg's... different playoff era, but a playoff determined championship nonetheless. http://www.ahsfhs.org/mississippi/Teams/gamesbyyear.asp?Team=Hattiesburg&Year=1924
  9. Simpson would be 5A or possibly 6A, I believe
  10. All I've seen is congratulations to Georgia from my Bama friends. Very classy in losing
  11. Rescued the program and built it
  12. That'd be a substantial cut in pay
  13. Doesn't matter - he'll be gone in a year or two anyway. Some thought Black was arrogant until they got a real dose.
  14. s1nglewing


    Rebul had (rumored) a coach who torched their field house/gym in order to get an upgrade. Insurance paid it although it hasn't paid any real dividends
  15. https://www.capitalsportsms.com/capitalsports/turner-not-returning-as-jackson-prep-football-coach/article_cfd0c1ca-701f-11ec-843b-87aadf53e295.html
  16. Can't say I'm surprised
  17. Alcorn Central is open - ad is on MHSAA
  18. Yeah. That 155.27 QB rating is misleading for sure.
  19. Well, he is a student at MRA that doesn't play football, so that should qualify, right?
  20. It wouldn't surprise me - he sure has put his time in, but is there an article somewhere available online to substantiate this?
  21. Plumlee in the Portal. Good decision
  22. Hattiesburg won a state championship in 1924, which is just as relevant to Enterprise winning a championship in 1987
  23. Enterprise's 2018 team was a "rebuilding" year & they went 1-11.
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