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  1. Gonna have a busy week so I'd though I'd go ahead and pin it early.
  2. Final Scores MRA 47 GCS 6... or 48-6. MAIS has the score 47-6, MRA's website and C-L has it 48-6. Someone clarify? ASC 6 Columbia 2 Clinton Christian 41 Delta Streets 0 Canton 30 Sylva-Bay 14 Centreville 44 New Orleans Homeschool 6 Starkville 24 Lamar 22
  3. It appears GCS is playing at the level of a 3A MAIS school again.
  4. Canton Ac. 30 Sylva Bay 14 MRA 48 Greenville Christian 6
  5. Yeah - I had already read that and it doesn't state one way or another whether he is still coaching the team. That's why the question.
  6. Yesterday. He's still showing on their website as HFC. I've seen some folks pull off both jobs at once but can't recall such being done at a public school.
  7. Unpinning this topic. Did Tigler remain HC at Leland or was another hire made?
  8. Delta Streets @ Clinton Christian Greenville Christian @ MRA (Thursday) Sylva-Bay @ Canton Ac. Columbia Ac. @ Amite School Starkville Ac. @ Lamar
  9. Hattiesburg is 49-50-5 vs Laurel. Statistically, pretty much a dead heat
  10. At least they won't have to play North Sunflower again.
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