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  1. ...and when Enterprise doesn't achieve to your expectations you'll berate the coaching staff. They're due for a dip talent-wise - happens to every school
  2. Scott Central scored 300 points in their playoff run, averaging 60 points per game. Pretty sure that's never been done before.
  3. Scott Central 72 Leflore County 24. Final
  4. Scott Central leads Itta Bena 34-8 at halftime
  5. I wonder if instead of a north/south orientation that a quarters kind of classification might work better...
  6. s1nglewing


    Nixed another one today
  7. Smith Co. may have a consolidation looming, as much as I hate school consolidations. Kills communities.
  8. Final Bay Springs 32 Hollandale Simmons 12
  9. Bay Springs appears to be running away with this one
  10. Congrats to Jefferson Davis County on their third state championship
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