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  1. THAT is a homerun hire. His teams won 3 Championships at Autauga, 7 at Edgewood (his last five seasons there they went undefeated), and 3 at New Life Christian (8-man)
  2. Greenwood, too. No other surprises here. Maybe North Sunflower is just really good, though. They did make the 3rd round in MAIS 8-man 2A last season. Greenwood was salty before the pandemic over-reaction. It appears their best athletes went elsewhere from that point.
  3. What I've seen is that administrators kowtow to the squeaky wheel parents because they are afraid to lose their own jobs and will not take anything like a stand to support a coach for doing what is right to build team and individual character. In a word, it's cowardice. And in three: failure of leadership. And it's endemic in both public and private schools.
  4. Head Football Coach Position Type: Athletics/Activities/Coaching Date Posted: 5/12/2022 Location: Taylorsville Attendance Center Date Available: 07/01/2022 Closing Date: 05/12/2022 District: Smith County School District Additional Information: Show/Hide Head Football Coach Position Contact Mike Moore 601-785-6942 mike.moore@smithcountyschools.net Head Football CoachJobID: 11992
  5. Please specify what will happen if I and my "crew" do not "stop at that comment"? Hit squad? Drone strike? I'm scared.
  6. You didn't answer the question. No... wait, you did. Zero championships playing. Zero championships coaching. Proudly riding the coattails of others.
  7. Jerry Walker also won a state championship at Ray Brooks. I'd suggest you be careful about making assertions publicly about people however veiled they may be. You can get into legal trouble (libel).
  8. 5 for me - coaching and playing. How many of those Rosedale/West Bolivar championship teams did you play on or coach? Now be honest. Some folks here do know your name and whether you played or coached a down.
  9. As far as 2A goes, Scott Central 2021 & Lumberton 2005
  10. "West Bolivar will be playing a spring game with (2) Varsity coaches on the sideline and just 10 days or so of Spring practice." I made no comment about your rantings, just about football, since the forum is about football. And NSA is still an 8-man program.
  11. Well, y'all will be playing a North Sunflower team that has had just as many days of practice and also has two coaches. Let us know how it goes.
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