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    I grew up in a Methodist church and went to methodist churches most of my life. They were Wesleyan (Arminian) of course. There was a time in college when I was at USM that one semester. I went to the BSU with my roommate once and met some good people and kept going. Once while playing pingpong I mentioned MYF. A girl asked, "What's MYF?" I told her it stood for Methodist Youth Fellowship, but it was basically the youth group. She asked me what I was doing at a methodist church. I told her I grew up Methodist and that's where I go when I'm back home (I usually went to FBC Hattiesburg that semester). Her response kinda surprised me. She said, "You can't be Methodist. You seem so Baptist!" I didn't know that that meant. I never tried to "seem" anything. But it made me realize how wrapped up in denominations some people get. I know people who are ardent Baptists and Methodists and _____________. And they'd probably claim that denomination before saying they follow Jesus or that they are a Christian. I think that's backwards. Sure, I believe it's fine to be proud of your denomination... but that's secondary to following Jesus, right? For the last 8 years I've been going to a church that is kinda a mix of a Baptist church and a Presbyterian church. Let's call it 'reformed Baptist". Which has some differences from my Methodist upbringing for sure. But I don't think the "differences" are "salvation critical" issues.
  2. To be honest, I'm not sure. Headed to my dad's house and we'll see what my step-mom puts together. It is usually chicken and dressing.
  3. Take a look at this! Anyone remember these days? I snagged it from the Wayback Machine:
  4. Agree. And if you know of anyone you'd like to see here on the forum, be sure to use the share link up above by the post title or click here.
  5. I'm really anticipating Will Hall is going to have USM playing at a new level soon. It will be interesting to see how this first season goes with him. He's managed a program at schools a little lower than USM. But I think he's ready. And he's got connections and clout around the southeast after having coached in Alabama, Georgia, West Tennessee, and now Louisiana. And you KNOW he's got deep roots here in Mississippi. How soon for USM to have a winning season under Hall after going 3-7 last year? What will recruiting look like under Hall and his staff?
  6. I was pleased to see MacLeod have a good outing. He needed it after getting pushed around by Arkansas last weekend. Now we need to see Bednar get through 5+ innings tomorrow. LSU just doesn't have that edge yet at this point in the season. I think OM gets at least one on the road in Gainesville. And that's all they need.
  7. Hey, @maroontide06What features do you like the most? I agree that moving to Scout then 247 was a step back in board functionality. There have been times I've regretted the move and others I've thought it was good. But regardless, this last year or two I wondered what it would be like to go back like this... but then they kinda forced the decision anyhow. Haha. But I'm glad we're here.
  8. I'd looked earlier this morning and thought, "Hey, it's still here." But they officially pulled the plug now.
  9. That's a fair point. MST has had a Politics section for a while and things didn't spill over into other sections, even in the disagreements. I'm willing to give it a try, but if things start to get personal and out of hand, we can nix those.
  10. Welcome to Mississippi Sports Talk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  11. When you have your Easter Cookout have your iPad set up to register everybody!
  12. I could see Stewart/Molinar being combo guards to handle the point together some. Not sure that's best though.
  13. Sure. Let's aim to keep it civil, of course. But the politics forum was created last time once there was enough in Gen Chat that made it worth creating a seperate forum for it. But I don't believe we started out with one.
  14. I knew there was something I forgot to do. Dangit.
  15. Glad you’re back, Schrute! Hey, dude. Glad you’re here.
  16. In January, the NCAA delayed a move to pass transfer reform that would allow all players to transfer once and play immediately at their new school without sitting out a year, but the rule change could still be adopted later this spring. There is also a PG from Eastern Kentucky that’s rumored as a state transfer.
  17. There was a time yesterday when registration was open but I was needing to move a few things around still. You’re good to go now. Still some tweaking of things to be done though.
  18. I'm Blake and I started MST many years ago while living in Amory, MS. I wanted a good place on the 'net to talk a lot of high school sports and a little college sports with local friends. I grew up in Amory and knew the passion for high school sports. Soon NorthMissSports turned into MissSportsTalk.com and it grew and grew. When MST started I only had one kid who wasn't a year old yet. These days my wife and I have four kids and have and we've lived in Amory, Clinton, (briefly New Albany during a move), and now Oxford. Even though I'm here in the land of Rebels I am a Mississippi State fan. I'm a Realtor and an Oxford Charger supporter... especially if one of my kids is on the team. I enjoy running, but it's mainly so I can eat more desserts. And that's about it for now! haha.
  19. Both Ole Miss and State should be improved this fall. Expectations for each fan base will be on the rise. But they can't win without good and great players. If you could take one offensive and one defensive player from either State or Ole Miss to put on the other squad to make them more "complete"... who are you taking?
  20. There is a rumor that DJ Jeffries is considering leaving Memphis for MSU. Word was he strongly considered to go to MSU out of high school but made a late decision for Memphis, but isn't the happiest there. Garrison Brooks, who originally signed with State but his mom wanted him to go to North Carolina so Howland let him out of his letter of intent... there is a little smoke about him possibly headed to Starkville too (where his dad is an asst coach). If even one of those turns out to be true, that's a big win for Howland. If both..... the expectations for him will grow quite a bit for next season.
  21. Who are the top juniors in the state looking to make a name for themselves next season?
  22. Do you like the idea of public and private schools playing against each other? I know some are opposed to it, but it seems baseball is a sport where the private schools can really be competitive with the public schools. Four of the top ten schools in the MaxPreps MS rankings are MAIS schools.
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