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  1. Stubhub had them at $200. That's pretty crazy to think about.
  2. From your playing years back in the day.... who was the best football player you ever faced? What made him stick out in your mind? Did he go on to play at the next level?
  3. That's what many MSU fans have said about the 2008 Egg Bowl as well.
  4. I don't know if anyone read the article in The Athletic last November, but there are quite a few interesting bits of info. It attests that two firings (Luke/Moorhead) following the Elijah Moore penalty, OM's XP miss, and all that followed afterward ultimately impacted nearly 300 coaching careers. It's a long but good article if you have a sub to The Athletic. BUT.... What if Elijah Moore didn't get a penalty, OM scores the XP and has the momentum going into OT and wins that game? There were MANY rumblings already in Starkville that Moorhead was going to be replaced win
  5. Blake


    I think one can find verses to support both positions, to be honest. But either way, the truth of the Gospel is still the same regardless.
  6. They return both QB's (they rotated. One will be a Sr, one a Jr) and top two RB's. They lose their top three producing WR's, so they'll be young there. Defense should be strong again.
  7. ^^^ Thinks driving a Corvette is still cool in the 2020s! **
  8. You know what would make this thread better? Pictures of these stadiums!
  9. It's really simple. Just post something about the person above you. Your comments can be friendly , sarcastic , funny , simple , cold and etc. Can't comment on yourself. And you don't have to know the person above you. But don't let it get too off the rails.
  10. After two early season losses they ran the table until North Half against Oxford. It was a back and forth game with Clinton leading a few times. Oxford scores with about 3 minutes to go to take the least 31-27 and that's your final. I'm not sure what Clinton has returning, but last year's team was really competitive.
  11. Sure it's not fair to compare a 2A stadium with the 6A schools and the resources they have. So let's think about it from the best in each class. But from a visiting team/fan perspective, whose stadium have you gone to watch your team play in and you came away impressed: bleachers, field, bathrooms, concession stand, etc.
  12. Mississippi always produces a handful of good running backs. But Branson Robinson out of Germantown has to be the top choice, right? He's blowing up on the recruiting sites with offers from Bama, Clemson, and Georgia already. I don't think he will stay in state, but it would be a huge get for any of the instate schools. Junior Highlights on HUDL are impressive. So who would you put at the #2 back in the state behind him? (Or do you think anyone is as good as him already?)
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