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  2. I went back and researched it on The History of Alabama football. He was at New Life Christian for 5 years and coached 8 man. He won 3 titles there. He was at Edgewood for 15 years and played in 10 and won 7. He was at Autauga 5 and played in 4 winning 3. Very impressive.
  3. THAT is a homerun hire. His teams won 3 Championships at Autauga, 7 at Edgewood (his last five seasons there they went undefeated), and 3 at New Life Christian (8-man)
  4. Bobby Carr is the new head coach at PCS. He comes from Alabama. He won 10 State titles at three different schools in the AISA. He won 7 at Edgewood Academy, 2 at Autauga Academy, and one at New Life Christian. His last 4 seasons at Edgewood his teams were 72-0, still a state record. Last year his Autauga team was 13-0, won the state championship, and was ranked the #1 team in the AISA. His team was in the 2 A classification. AISA has 3 classifications.
  5. As a teacher/coach...I can tell you first-hand that it is 100% due to 3 things: 1. Lack of support from administration 2. Lack of supportive and realistic parents 3. Availability to make more money for the same hours at a less stressful job. Coaches are just NOT appreciated like they were in the past for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis for OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN! If admin, parents, government, and society does not wake up and recognize the importance of this profession...you will see "WE'RE HIRING" signs on your local schools.
  6. Coaches are leaving the profession bc the toll it takes on them and their families. What people don’t understand is the man that they run down and try to get fired bc they don’t like his play calling or Offense is someone’s Husband and Father. No family should have to go through what some families of coaches endure. While a man sacrifices his family to better someone else’s children people work in the shadows to obtain there own selfish goals. At the end of the day the coaches family suffers and for what high school football or so a couple people who yell the loudest or have the most pull get their way. Not to mention the money for the time isn’t equal. High school coaches are under the same pressure as college coaches, the difference is college coaches are compensated for their sacrifices. More and more good men will leave and less will want to enter and the losers are the young men who they would have influenced.
  7. Are promoting from within or opening it up?
  8. Yea I don't see Enterprise getting past the first round.
  9. It's a combination of bad administration, noninvolved parents, and unrealistic expectations. Somebody in a previous post mentioned instant gratification. This is true and people also think high school ball and college ball are on the same level and that coaches should be able to win fast or they want them gone if little Billy doesn't get to throw the ball. News flash, high school coaches don't get to go get a signing class every year. They have to make it with what they have and put them in the best position they can to be successful and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on the athletes they have at the time. Bad admin can also play a part in this. You get a principal or superintendent that is antiathletics or just a complete butt in general then the low salary just isn't worth it. Again, news flash, high school coaches do not make that great of salaries. Some schools can pay but it's only the large schools or some schools that have been successful enough to get luck to pay.
  10. So are they opening it or promoting from within? The Date Posted and Close Date are the same.
  11. Our educational system is in a world of hurt and you're going to see a mass exodus of teachers in the coming years. I have a close friend who teaches at St. Martin. He has a few years until retirement and adored his work for many years but he's completely burned out and frustrated with the administration and their capitulation to the parents/students and is leaving the district for another educational job outside the classroom next year. His is the story of many.
  12. I hope you're correct about OM vs A&M but will add: A&M is currently tied for second in the SEC at 17-10, OM is 13-14. OM is #37 in RPI, A&M is #18. A&M whipped MSU while MSU won 2 of 3 in Oxford. Piggyback, OM hasn't been that good at home and is good on the road... OM hosts A&M this weekend. IF I had to bet on it, I'd bet on A&M taking 2 of 3. OM sweeping sounds like a nice longshot bet. USM is #19 in RPI. Pull off a sweep and they're right back in the host discussion, I agree on that.
  13. Optimistic about State are we? Just kidding though I have no idea what might happen. Most likely we lose all three. But baseball is a fickle game and who knows, State could catch lightning in a bottle this weekend. Ole Miss sweeps A&M. They are playing well and A&M just is not that good. USM desperately needs a sweep over MTSU to get back in the hosting discussion. Hopefully they get it.
  14. Are there any spring games being played Thursday not at usm
  15. Greenwood, too. No other surprises here. Maybe North Sunflower is just really good, though. They did make the 3rd round in MAIS 8-man 2A last season. Greenwood was salty before the pandemic over-reaction. It appears their best athletes went elsewhere from that point.
  16. Going to be a long year for Rosedale…
  17. Some Delta Jamboree Scores North Sunflower- 27 West Bolivar-0 MS Palmer- 28 Riverside-14 Thomas E Edwards- 22 Coahoma Co- 8 Northside-22 South Delta-14 Amanda Elzy- 16 Leland-0 Simmons- 16 Humpreys Co- 6 Charleston-16 Rosa Fort-12 Leflore Co- 8 McEvans-6 Cleveland Central- 28 Greenwood- 6 West Tally- 30 Cleveland Central JV- 14
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  19. they did 10 plays both teams mix and out Senatobia 7-0 that all both teams did compete both sides of the ball
  20. Looking at Hoover scenarios, because of the Auburn-Bama rainout on Sunday, State’s only path to Hoover involves them winning a series against Tennessee. And even then they’d still need some help. So yeah… I would probably not worry about booking a hotel in Hoover next week if I was a State fan. Ole Miss is going to finish somewhere in the middle of the pack and could have an interesting Tuesday game next week. Lose two or get swept this weekend and you might be in must win territory on Tuesday. My gut says State wins one against a Tennessee team with nothing to play for and finishes at 10-20 in conference play with no Hoover. Ole Miss wins two at home against A&M and is something like the 7 or 8 seed in Hoover. Winning two also removes any doubt about them making the NCAAT.
  21. What I've seen is that administrators kowtow to the squeaky wheel parents because they are afraid to lose their own jobs and will not take anything like a stand to support a coach for doing what is right to build team and individual character. In a word, it's cowardice. And in three: failure of leadership. And it's endemic in both public and private schools.
  22. Well; so far it appears more that kids are starting to "act out" a lot more. Since COVID, and the rise of these TikTok Challenges, it's been really difficult to maintain a lot of educational institutions. Also, most high school coaches are also teachers, and teachers truly don't make nearly enough to substantiate the long arduous hours. Especially now with coaches, you are seeing more parents, boards, and administrations that have began to slam more pressure on their staff, and not supporting them in the due way. It's become a "what have you done for me, lately?" type of business. and people are more concerned with wins and rings, than relationships and character building. We have seen a lot of coaches leave because the stresses and environment has been insane. Further it's a tough job now, because society has gone into a win-first mentality
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