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  2. Any word on who Thornhill may hire as assistants? I know that program has been pretty good last few years at WM
  3. Big jamboree at USM but i'm not sure of the match ups
  4. Brandon Thornhill is West Marion's "new" coach - he's been the DC there for the last 13 years
  5. I love HS sports, l don’t mind riding to watch a good teams! Pontotoc has roads that get me anywhere!!! Lol
  6. I think MSU takes 2 of 3 this weekend.
  7. Ty Keyes; Enterprise played him five times and we could never beat them but came close the fourth time.
  8. The closer we get, the more I really don’t know what to expect this weekend. Saw where OM is switching things up with their Sunday starter so that adds another layer of unknown. I think Friday and Saturday you’ve got two excellent starting pitching duels on tap and I can’t wait to see those play out. I know OM is chomping at the bit to beat State after how lopsided the series was in the Mangum era. At the same time, we’ve seen this before with OM coming to Starkville for Super Bulldog Weekend in what seemed like a pretty even matchup at the time (2014), and Ole Miss just came in an
  9. Not until Fall 2021. For now we are technically still a 2A School.
  10. Welcome back, EB. Always enjoyed your input. I was able to find some reasonably price grandstand tickets to the Sunday game but I feel like I got really lucky. This is just my personal taste, and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the new Dude, but on a weekend like this, if I couldn’t find chairbacks and I didn’t know somebody with an outfield rig to spend the day with, I don’t think general admission is worth it. The berms are great and I also love the view from the right field plaza, but both fill up quick. Otherwise you’re stuck looking for any random spot to stand and it c
  11. Yesterday
  12. Tupelo will be one of the most talented the next few yrs. 9-11 classes are freaking loaded!!!!! Talent is the best it’s been in maybe 20 yrs!!!
  13. Stubhub had them at $200. That's pretty crazy to think about.
  14. This is where I'll spend most of my time. Hoping to see some familiar faces! Also, anyone selling grandstand tickets to Ole Miss/State this weekend?
  15. Jerry Price and Junior Wallace were two of the best to play in the old Sam Dale Conference.
  16. Coach Hankins got a new group of up coming freshman started with spring training yesterday. He had about 51 kids who will be moving up to the high school In the fall. That’s about the usual number of kids that actually are able to go through the spring. He will pick up a few during the fall. This is a good class of kids and so will next season’s group be. We are all excited to get football started at WC.
  17. If West Lauderdale is ever going to win a SC this is the year to do it.
  18. I believe Corey Reynolds was OC well bottom line was Marcus was OC lol. Jay was a position coach I’m pretty sure. When Jay and his Dad Were at WC they were co Offensive Co OCs. Jay has a very good grasp of the offensive side of the ball. With the talent at Taylorsville he will do good.
  19. I hope Lauderdale Co. does do that but I will have to see it to believe it. We are talking 60 years of not caring about football. SE field looks like a cattle lot and NE looks like a front yard that hasn't been maintained. I'm a grad of SE btw.
  20. The new Brandon stadium is far and away the nicest in 6A top to bottom when you consider everything. Huge bonus for no track and biggest video board in the state, along with excellent press box facilities. Northwest Rankin is nice because it has it's old press box facilities which means it has the biggest press box between both sides in the state. Madison needs an updated press box, that facility is really behind the times. Clinton is kind of the same. For smaller schools, Union has an excellent facility and an excellent field. Philadelphia is really cool with the old concrete ble
  21. Pretty sure Reynolds was OC at Petal.
  22. Jay coached here at Wayne County for a spell. I figured he would get his shot one day. I expect him to be a good coach in the years to come. Wishing him well!
  23. yeah West's field house is a Taj Mahal. I believe Lauderdale county is about to fork out a ton of money to catch Northeast and Southeast up. Field house/ playing surface upgrades.
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