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  2. You can be in whatever state of mind you want. I'm not going into what ifs. Just remember we are young. Picayune will be the favorite in 5A South for the next few years. The best team won tonight. Don't try and take that away from these kids. They earned it.
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  4. Well we got our ass handed to us. Congrats to Picayune on the win
  5. ...and when Enterprise doesn't achieve to your expectations you'll berate the coaching staff. They're due for a dip talent-wise - happens to every school
  6. I agree, Moorhead will do well at Akron and good for him. I also hope Leach and Kiffin are at their current jobs for another 10 years. I highly doubt it works out that way, but I'd like to see it.
  7. Moorhead was at Akron for several seasons. So he has history there. I am glad for him. I do think he is a good coach and if he learned from some of his mistakes at State, he can be successful there. I will be pulling for him to do well. I am glad Kiffin is staying at Ole Miss. I hope both he and Leach are here for the next ten years. That would be great for Mississippi as a whole and I think both of our teams can be a factor in the SEC and have some good success in the coming years.
  8. It will be just like the last time be there and be ready for some jdc football show.
  9. That’s why I use to have a Wing T package as an OC. But can get same results with certain motions out of spread. When you have the better players, you can run whatever you want.
  10. Michigan won 42-3. I think we all agree the top 4 shakes out in the playoffs: Michigan/UGA Bama/Cincy The rest of the top 10? I'm guessing: 5. Notre Dame 6. Bayloritts 7. Ohio State 8. Oklahoma State 9. Ole Miss 10. ?? Michigan State is my best guess but I see Utah making a nice jump in the next poll and may actually get the 10th spot. Pittsburgh will also get a strong look at the #10 spot after blowing out Wake.
  11. I find it amusing to think of how many times for every class except 6A that it would end up with 2 south teams playing for the title. Especially in classes 1-4.
  12. The south half went 5-1 way to go guys and thanks to all the players, coaches, refs and fans for making this a great weekend
  13. West Point shut down after going down. Temper tantrums on the sideline and players throwing punches. Heart over height! Roll Tide Roll!
  14. Their 72 points today has never been done either. Great offense. Did not watch the game but was it as bad as the score?
  15. Please. I am in the proper state of mind right now (not football related, just in general) to get myself permabanned. I feel the need to go all scorched earth somewhere over something. May as well be here.
  16. Michigan is up 35-3 in the 4th quarter on Iowa. I think it's safe to say the top 4 is locked in now.
  17. You should have kept this post to yourself as well.
  18. yeah we didnt win yall gave it to us. you and jimmy mo rock. ty!
  19. I had made a post, but decided to not post it. But I know a few things about some things that happened that to be honest, I am taking a bit harder than I should. I have watched my team totally choke in games against teams it should have beaten over the years, or lost very close games against teams it probably wasn't supposed to beat but had a very good chance, but overall until last year come up short in any case. And it causes certain feelings. Then to finally get over that hump only to see another season derailed as this one was not because of another team, but events outside of anyone's actions causes............anger and resentment. Congratulations to Picayune on winning the games you had to win and getting the job done. I have zero doubt what so ever you will be the top dog in 5A next year. And rightfully so. But do not for one instant think that I do not believe that had a few things before the playoffs even started gone differently that WJ wouldn't have beat ya'll by 2 scores on their way to repeating.
  20. met a friendly west point fan name Jimmy Mo before the game. told me repeatedly how picayune would not even score tonight. we were supposed to meet after the game and talk but he ran away. if any of you wp fans see him please tell him i am sorry i did not get to hear all his excuses.
  21. I very agree on that 3A North, 4A North was kinda down this year next year 4A North gonna be wide open
  22. 5A north is generally always weak. Usually there are at most 2 teams up there that could have made the playoffs in the south. And West Point looks to be in prime position to start to fall off some as well. Especially if their coach retires as is rumored.
  23. We'll see yall next November, I dont think you'll like the outcome.
  24. For west point to be undefeated coming in tells me one thing. 5a north was weak this season. That was a very average west point team compared to others.
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